Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Detour Trick-or-Treaters With Devious Trick

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the renowned singer-songwriter and the talented football player, sure know how to create a buzz, even on Halloween night.

Since their romantic relationship began budding this past September at a Kansas City Chiefs game, the pair has been all of the buzz. Kelce, the tight-end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is known to be one of the NFL’s most talented players, with millions of fans cheering on his every move. His influence and star power have only grown since coupling up with superstar Taylor Swift.

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Right now, Taylor Swift is at the top of her game thanks to her incredibly successful tour, The Eras Tour. Fans cannot get enough of Taylor Swift’s incredible vocals and performance capabilities, which can also be showcased in her Disney+ documentary, Folklore: The Long Pong Sessions (2020).

While this budding couple is known by many as America’s sweethearts, that didn’t stop them from playing a clever trick of diversion on fans this Halloween.

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It’s Tricks From Travis and Taylor!

It seems that they have masterfully devised a clever trick that left trick-or-treaters in awe. As ardent fans flocked outside Travis Kelce’s luxurious residence in the heart of Kansas City, they were met with an unexpected sight.

Picture the scene: eager fans, young and old, dressed up in their finest costumes, clutching their candy bags with anticipation. Swifties and Kansas City fans alike flocked to the residence in the hope of securing a sweet treat from the celebrity couple. As they approached the house, excitement quickly turned to confusion and curiosity.

As a clever diversion, Kelce’s home was wrapped in crime scene tape. This tape served as Halloween decorations but also as a way of detouring fans from approaching the front door. Security Guards also were positioned at the home entrance.

Any Taylor Swift or Chiefs fan bold enough to approach the security dared to ask the burning question on their minds: “Can we trick-or-treat here?” To their surprise, the guards allegedly responded with a poker face, stating that no one was home. The trick-or-treaters were left both disappointed and intrigued by this statement.

Travis Kelce

Credit: Travis Kelce on Instagram

Caught in a Lie!

While some people may have believed this statement, other fans determined that this was not the case. Numerous celebrity news sites confirmed that Taylor Swift was, in fact, spending Halloween in Kansas City with Travis Kelce. On his podcast New Heights with his brother and Philadelphia Eagle player Jason Kelce, Travis said,

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get the gang together and have a nice little dinner — or a nice little dinner party, I should say.”

Numerous fans waiting outside the home noticed lights turning on and off throughout the night. This led fans to believe that they were home and that the tape and the guard’s lie were just ways of keeping fans out.

While some think that this was a harmless prank, others feel upset that Taylor and Travis wouldn’t make an effort to meet their fans. What do you think?

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