Suspicious bag at Space Mountain leads to full-scale evacuation of Tomorrowland, bomb-sniffing dog called in to investigate

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Disney Parks are the perfect places to visit for family fun, endless opportunities to make memories, and the excitement of thrilling attractions, rides, and world-class enetertainment. At the Walt Disney World Resort, Guests can enjoy magical experiences at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs.

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Millions of Guests walk through the gates of each theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort every year, and while the old adage, “the more, the merrier” may fit most days at Disney World, since so many Guests are in attendance no matter the month of the year, Disney has to have a detailed list of policies and procedures (a.k.a., “rules”) that Cast Members and Guests must adhere to, in an effort to ensure the safest, most magical experience for everyone in the parks.

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One of the most important sections of Disney World‘s policies falls under the heading of “Prohibited Items” in the parks, and the list of no-no items is fairly extensive. Guns, items that look like guns, wrapped gifts, balloons, selfie sticks, and alcohol are among the items that will keep Guests from getting into the four theme parks at Walt Disney World.

In addition to those items, Disney, of course, prohibits any kind of explosives, fireworks, ammunition, and the like, but on one particular day at Magic Kingdom, security feared those kinds of items were inside a bag that was found abandoned near the Space Mountain attraction at Tomorrowland.

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According to People Magazine, a Cast Member at Disney World shared an experience he had while working in Tomorrowland. Cast Members noticed an abandoned bag near Space Mountain. Why would a person leave an unattended bag at Magic Kingdom for any length of time? Aren’t Guests worried about items being stolen?

Cast Members paid close attention to the situation and noticed that the bag had been left for more than 15 minutes. It was very suspicious.

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Once the allotted amount of time had passed, Cast Members sprang into action, following security procedures specifically designed for such a scenario in the parks. A bomb-sniffing dog arrived to determine whether the bag presented a threat. The dog, affectionately named “Pluto,” had been trained to sniff for certain scents and odors.

If he sniffed something of concern, Pluto had been trained to sit down immediately.

Pluto proceeded to sniff the suspicious bag and suddenly, he sat down.

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Pluto’s actions alerted Cast Members and they immediately began to execute Guest safety procedures. By the end of those procedures, all of Tomorrowland had been evacuated, and not a single Guest was anywhere near Space Mountain, allowing authorities to process the bag to determine its contents and the type of threat that might exist.

“All of the Cast Members were standing at all of the entrances [to Tomorrowland and] freaking out,” the Cast Member recalled. “Now we were sure a bomb was going to go off, and we would all die.”

But as it turned out. No explosives or chemicals of any kind were found in the contents of the suspicious bag.

It’s worth noting here that Pluto would also “sit” if he thought he were getting a treat, and when he sniffed out a pile of carne asada burritos, surely Pluto figured he deserved a treat–in the form of one of those burritos–for all of his hard work.

Protecting the Magic with Walt Disney World's Paw-some K9 Handlers | Disney Parks Blog

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No doubt Cast Members were relieved to know there were no bombs or explosives in the abandoned bag, but it’s probably worth mentioning that if you’re going to bring a bag of burritos to Magic Kingdom, please keep your bag with you at all times. Who knows when your bag of burritos will lead to a full-scale evacuation of a Disney Park!

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