Sunshine Seasons Review

Sunshine Seasons Review

Epcot is famous for its two-theme setup. Half the park consists of the World Showcase, portraying some of the greatest nations on Earth, while the other half celebrates the earth itself and the many advancements in technology it has prodded throughout our history. The Land is part of the latter, and there, patrons can not only take a glimpse into the behind the scenes workings of Disney’s growing initiative, but they can even sample the foods for themselves by indulging in a dish at none other than Sunshine Seasons.

When it comes to dining at Epcot, most wouldn’t think of The Land as a top spot for good food, but for lunch or a quick meal, there is no better place for the ever-active Disney-goer to stop in. Its cafeteria-style design facilitates both in-and-out diners and the sore-feet sit-down crew, and with a cross-trained staff, cast members will easily be able to make suggestions, give details on dishes, accommodate allergies and just make your meal an overall success!

Our experience began in the atrium, where dangling tributes to the four seasons immediately brought us into the feel of The Land. Living with the Land being one of this reviewers favorite attractions, we took note of the wait time, then proceeded to the wall of quick service counters under the shining yellows and greens that read “Sunshine Seasons.” If you are fond of Soarin’, it’s a good idea to grab a FastPass the moment you get here. That way you can explore The Land and grab a bite to eat while you wait for it to activate.

With 4 or 5 different counters and menus, it seemed like it would be impossible to choose what to eat. There were oak grilled vegetable sandwiches, roasted beet and goat cheese salads, Spicy Cashew Chicken, and several more tantalizing dishes. We stood in 2 or 3 lines before we actually ordered something, and when we did, it had to be the Seared Tuna Noodle Salad. It was a dish that said, “I’m eccentric, but secretly delicious.”

We paid the cashier $10 for the dish and were happy to do so, because the minute the plate hit the tray, this reviewer’s mouth started watering like a dog over a bone. At our table, we split our chopsticks and got into it. The tuna was tender and delicious going down, and the noodles, though unexpectedly cold, met the fish with perfect harmony, adding just a bit of kick to the mouthful. Having eaten at this quick service restaurant before, it’s safe to say this may be one of the best entrees on the menu. However, if you aren’t one for raw fish, the Spicy Cashew Chicken is another personal favorite.

Whatever you order, the fresh, real food feel and taste you get Sunshine Seasons is fantastic and will have you coming back for more. Next time you visit The Land at Epcot, do not pass up an opportunity to eat here, even if it’s just a snack. With great food, open atmosphere, and an eco-friendly message, you can’t go wrong.

Food: An array of flavors and entrees, Sunshine Seasons gives “Living with the Land” new meaning and offers guests an opportunity to eat meals seemingly inspired by the earth and its seasons. Ranging from vegetarian pitas to ahi tuna salad, guests can feel good and eat well.

Atmosphere: With a cafeteria design, it is easy to see where your meal is coming from and what the finished product will look like. Not only is Sunshine Seasons clean and spacious, but it is well-marked and conveniently organized with one section leading right into the next. The seating area is also very open and allows guest to see all the attractions within “The Land”, so that they can better plan the next part of their day!

Service: Cast members man every station and allow guests the luxury of asking about each dish. With the servers trained in the various sections of the restaurant, it makes it easy to find knowledgeable and helpful cast members to guide you on your journey through Sunshine Seasons.

Tips: Grab your FastPass for Soarin’ and go get a bite to eat! Why come back later when there is so much fun stuff to do in “The Land”? If you finish eating before it’s time to fly, jump into line for “Living with the Land” and get a behind the scenes look at where some of Disney’s fruits and veggies come from!


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