Steakhouse 71 Breakfast Review: March 2022

Breakfast at Steakhouse 71
Credit: Disney Dining

Calling all Disney foodies! We have a Walt Disney World Resort dining review for all those looking at Disney Resort breakfast options. Head on over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort with us where you’ll find Steakhouse 71 Restaurant dishing out a reservation-worthy breakfast.

Disney's Contemporary Resort
Credit: Disney

The former “The Wave… Flavors of America” closed as Disney transformed the restaurant into Steakhouse 71 which opened on October 1st, 2021. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this convenient Disney Resort restaurant option is located in the main lobby of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a few floors down from the popular Chef Mickey’s.

While the new restaurant doesn’t offer character dining like Chef Mickey’s and is not at the dining tier of the Resort’s California Grill Restaurant, it does boast delicious American flavors and a relaxing atmosphere for Guests staying at the Resort, Disney’s Bay Lake Tower next door, as well as non-Resort Guests.

Credit: Disney Dining

First of all, if you’re not staying at a Disney Resort but planning to visit Magic Kingdom Park for the day, one of our favorite tricks is to make an early morning breakfast reservation at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This way you can Park, eat breakfast, leave your car, and walk over to Disney’s Magic Kingdom without touching the Transportation Ticket Center.

We did just that on a March morning. This was our second visit to Steakhouse 71 and we were excited to see how the restaurant was doing after a few months under its belt. There were a few hiccups with our first Steakhouse 71 breakfast as we noted in our Instagram post here:

Upon arrival at Disney’s Contemporary Resort lobby in March, we completed the brief mobile check-in via the My Disney Experience App to let Steakhouse 71 know we were there. We almost instantly received a text saying our table was ready and headed in.

The family-friendly steakhouse immediately greets Guests with a dose of Disney heritage as the “Steakhouse 71” holds strong to its name for the year Disney’s Contemporary Resort first opened. The design provides a 1970’s modern spin with touches of old photos and Florida flair.

Steakhouse 71 photos
Credit: Disney Dining

Despite the early morning reservation, Cast Members were greeting us with bright smiles! The restaurant was still fairly quiet with several tables open, but they did fill in as the morning went on.

Guests can really go as heavy or as light as they would like for breakfast. You can order a simple appetizer such as oatmeal or fresh-baked breakfast pastries as a meal or enjoy prior to the entree. We skipped over the appetizer and went all-in with entrees.

Steakhouse 71 Seasonal Pancakes
Steakhouse 71 Seasonal Pancakes (Credit: Disney Dining)

We ordered the Steakhouse 71 Seasonal Pancakes which are seasonally-inspired pancakes with a choice of bacon, pork sausage, or chicken sausage. The seasonal pancakes available were the delicious strawberry pancakes. They were heavenly!

Ham and Cheese Omelet at Steakhouse 71
Ham and Cheese Omelet (Credit: Disney Dining)

We also ordered the basic Ham and Cheese Omelet which is served with breakfast potatoes and a biscuit. The omelet was extra cheesy (YUM!) and extra filling.

Gluten Free Mickey Waffle at Steakhouse 71
Gluten-Free Mickey Waffles (Credit: Disney Dining)

We had one Celiac allergy in our family who loves the ability to order gluten-free Mickey Waffles at Steakhouse 71! He ordered those with no complications, with a Disney Chef willing to talk about food allergy questions if needed.

Steakhouse 71 Mickey Waffles
Kid’s Meal Mickey Waffles (Credit: Disney Dining)

Lastly, the kid’s menu also had regular Mickey Waffles which our young one enjoys as always.

The overall pricing between $15 to $20 for a breakfast entree makes Steakhouse 71 a great option for a family looking for a Disney dining experience without breaking the budget.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally unique experience, order the Steakhouse 71 Refillable Mimosa which is Mas Fi Cava Brut Sparkling Wine and orange juice. It is $19 but really a great deal if you’re looking for refills!

Steakhouse 71
Credit: Disney Dining

Keep in mind that while breakfast is an easy and great option, you’ll want to be sure to snag an advance dining reservation 60-days prior to your reservation date as Steakhouse 71 does fill up. If you can’t snag a breakfast reservation, lunch or dinner boast the highly-desired Steakhouse 71 Stack Burger. Or you can always check out the Steakhouse 71 Lounge which has bites and sips that can’t be missed!

Overall, we say Steakhouse 71 is a convenient must-try Disney restaurant. Would we go especially out of our way to enjoy breakfast here, not so much. But, when it comes to an excellent breakfast option and the ease of visiting Magic Kingdom after, it makes for an exceptional start to the day.

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