Fan Tries His Hand at Selling the Supernatural From Magic Kingdom Ride

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Credit: Disney Parks

Not to be outdone by fans of a now-closed attraction at Disney World, one fan is attempting to set a trend of his own–by delving into the supernatural.

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Credit: Disney Parks

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After a Guest-favorite attraction closed in January at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, broken-hearted fans attempted everything to keep the magic of that attraction alive–including selling both natural and man-made elements from the ride.

Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain attraction was closed permanently on January 23, following an announcement made more than two years earlier by Disney Parks. The decision to close the attraction was made after activists and others began to call for the removal of the ride, as it was based on a problematic 1946 film from Walt Disney Studios, Song of the South.

Disney's Splash Mountain to Stay Open For The Foreseeable Future - Inside  the Magic

Credit: Disney Parks

Fans of the 30-year-old Splash Mountain attraction couldn’t see the need for closing it, and many did their best to loudly oppose Disney’s decision. A petition at Change.org urged Disney to reconsider, but to no avail. 

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Almost immediately following the closure of the fan-favorite ride, “souvenirs” began to show up as listings on the online marketplace eBay. Everything from a tiny twig from the attraction to water from the attraction began popping up online, and some were listed for hundreds–and even thousands–of dollars.

Now, not to be outdone by those monetizing the closure of Splash Mountain, one fan has taken to Facebook to share a money-making idea of his own–selling the supernatural from Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion attraction.

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Credit: Facebook/JustDisney/Jim O’Rear

Facebook user JustDisney shared a post that reads, “Taking the lead from people selling water in jars from Splash Mountain . . . I’ll be selling ghosts in jars from The Haunted Mansion. Each jar comes individually numbered, 1-999.”

No, there are no plans to close the Haunted Mansion attraction at Magic Kingdom. But apparently, if you’re a fan of the supernatural attraction and want to have a piece of the haunted magic to take home, at least one fan can help you with that. But you’ll have to act fast, as there are only 999 jars available.

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