Soarin’ Over…Windows Vista? Classic Disney Attraction’s Magic Was Ruined After This Technical Difficulty

soarin' over california screen replaced by error

The word “soarin’” has now become synonymous with the ‘Soarin’ Over the World’ attraction found in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT and Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure Park.

However, Guests who are particularly nostalgic will remember a time when this classic attraction was Soarin’ Over California.

Soarin over california

Credit: Disney

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From March 3 through April 25, Soarin’ Over California has returned to the theme park for a limited time to celebrate the 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

It comes as no surprise to hear that Guests have been flocking to this ride, nestled between Grizzly Peak and Buena Vista Street, to experience a bird’s eye view of the Golden State.

Soarin Around the World

Credit: Disney

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On this classic ride, Guests begin in the cloudy skies of San Francisco. As the clouds part, they reveal the wonder of the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the Golden State’s most iconic man-made wonders.

The ride vehicle takes Guests on a flight over some of the most beautiful sights of California: Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, Palm Springs, San Diego Harbor, Malibu, downtown Los Angeles, and for the grand finale, Disneyland Park itself.

Needless to say, this attraction gives audiences the warm fuzzies every time…when it operates properly, that is.


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One Guest recently rode Soarin’ Over California, only to be met with a sore sight: a Windows Vista error message.

This glaring error message was seemingly present throughout the entire experience, blocking the view and, more importantly, shattering the illusion.

soarin around the world disney

Credit: TripSavvy

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Disney takes great care and spares no expense to preserve the magic, but something as simple as an error message can easily undo all of that work in just a second! Hopefully, this is taken as a sign to update some software systems and avoid this entirely.

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