Wintertime Takes Over at the Most Unlikely Disney Park

March is here, but that doesn’t mean spring has sprung yet–especially at one Disney Park where Guests were shocked to look up and see snow falling.

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snow at disneyland

Credit: Twitter/AttractionFaction

On Wednesday, Guests at the Disneyland Resort in California were treated to a very rare sight–snow! (And we’re talking real snow, not the “Disney snow” made with soap.) Some weather outlets referred to the falling white excitement as a mix of snow, hail, andĀ graupel, which is defined as soft, small pellets formed when supercooled water droplets, typically at a temperature below 32F, freeze onto a snow crystal, according to the NOAA.

Twitter user AttractionFaction tweeted about the white stuff falling at Walt’s first park, saying, “This is not a drill! IT IS FREAKIN SNOWING AT DISNEYLAND!”

Snow is extremely rare at such low elevations as that in Anaheim, California (elev. 157 feet). In fact, historical records suggest that in order to talk about any significant snowfall in Anaheim, we’d have to travel back in time to the year 1882.Ā TheĀ Anaheim Gazette reports that on January 12, 1882, there was an immense “unprecedented storm” that caused more than two feet of snow to fall on the “Heart of Orange County.” According to theĀ Gazette, some areas saw much more snow–ā€œa depth of six feet” of snow from the same storm.

Then, in 1949, Anaheim residents saw snow again–but nowhere near as much as you’d need if a friend asked, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

After all, the average snowfall in Anaheim, California is . . . well, . . . non-existent.

Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Corona, the United States of America   Copyright Ā© 2023  weather-and-climate.com

Disneyland California wasn’t the only spot to see snowfall on Wednesday. Los Angeles saw snow, as did other low-elevation spots Glendale and Las Vegas.

While there was no accumulation of hail, snow, or graupel at the Disney Parks Resort in Southern California, it sure made for some great photos and videos–and for the Guests in the parks at Disneyland, it made for a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime park day memory!

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