“Serial Bride” Is ADDICTED to Disney Weddings; Couple Has Had FOUR Already and Is Planing TWO More!

Disney bride
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One is not enough for this couple!

For many couples, the epitome of a fairy tale wedding is one in the magical world of Disney. From the enchantment of the Castle to the whimsy of Disney’s storytelling, Disney weddings offer a one-of-a-kind experience that brings dreams to life. Whether planning a Disney wedding at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or even on a Disney Cruise Line, there are endless possibilities for couples seeking to create an unforgettable celebration.

For one Disney bride, her wedding day was so magical that she decided to make getting married a new hobby!

disney wedding

Credit: Jenna Henderson/White Rabbit Photo Boutique

The Serial Bride of Disney

For Shellie and her husband, Disneyland Resort is their special place where they can escape the chaos of the regular world as a couple. In 2015, the adorable couple got married at Disneyland Park on a magical evening the couple could never forget. However, the couple recalls the day moving very quickly due to all the excitement. Shellie comments;

“We didn’t realize our wedding day would go by so fast and honestly we both wish we had more time at our reception to eat and dance. The day was a lot different than what we expected our wedding to feel like.”

Because of this, the couple decided to do a vow renewal at the Park on their two-year wedding anniversary. This way, the couple could have a longer reception with a much smaller group of only 10 Guests. From this night on, Shellie was hooked on continuing to create incredible Disney weddings for her and her husband.

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disney wedding

Credit: Jenna Henderson/White Rabbit Photo Boutique

All Magic Comes With a Price!

The biggest question that Sherrie gets when she discusses her four Disney weddings (plus two more in the works) is how she could possibly afford such a thing. She explains that Disney weddings are simply a hobby, and she saves for it by budgeting five years in advance. Everything is accounted for with her finances so she can afford these weddings, which cost tens of thousands of dollars each!


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Congrats on the Happy couple as they prepare for their fifth wedding next summer!

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