Satisfy Every Sugary Craving at These Walt Disney World Candy Shops

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There are literally hundreds of snacks and treats that Guests can enjoy while spending time at the Walt Disney World Resort including everything from savory bites like Turkey Legs to cult classics like the iconic Dole Whip. While there are plenty of savory options available, many Guests crave sweet treats, and luckily there are several candy shops throughout the property that feature some great options.

Each of these locations serves up an indulgent array of packaged candies and treats, made-to-order sweet bites, unique flavor combinations, and more, and they are the perfect places to visit when craving something sweet. Guests who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth while at the Walt Disney World Resort absolutely shouldn’t miss out on these amazing candy shop locations!

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Main Street Confectionery

One of the best locations for Guests looking to enjoy a sweet treat is the Main Street Confectionery found just past Town Square opposite The Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. The charming turn-of-the-century candy shop continues the theming of Main Street, U.S.A. and whisks Guests back to a simpler time where decadent sweets and concoctions of all types were made by hand with care.


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The interior of the Main Street Confectionery features pastel colors, ornate molding and woodwork, and the ongoing Sweetest Spoon Showcase where local residents get to show off their best creations. Guests who wander through the store can check out prepackaged goodies including candy bars, candy apples, colorful M&M’s, gummies, cotton candy, rice krispie treats, and more.

Candy Apple

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In addition to the prepackaged treats, there are several large display cases filled with freshly made creations including cookies, cupcakes, candy apples, chocolates, chocolate-dipped fruit, and more. There is also a fun counter where Guests can create their own custom blend of Candied Popcorn and sweeten up the traditional salty snack with a custom blend of popcorn base, syrup, and candy.


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Big Top Treats

In the rear of the Magic Kingdom is Storybook Circus where the big top rises high above as favorite characters like Casey Junior and Dumbo can be found around every corner. The largest tent in the area is Big Top Souvenirs which sells an array of merchandise around the perimeter with a unique candy location in the very center.


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Big Top Treats can be found in the center of the large tent and features several large display cases filled with freshly baked and made sweet treats of all kinds. Guests who take the time to explore the location can dig into delicious options like chocolate-dipped fruits such as pineapple and strawberries, a Mickey Marshmallow Wand, Cotton Candy, Caramel Corn Cupcake, Mickey Sugar Cookie, Caramel Apples designed to look like favorite Disney characters, fresh fudge, and more.


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The ultimate place in EPCOT to find satisfy any sweet tooth is Karamell-Kuche in the Germany pavilion in World Showcase which translates to “caramel kitchen.” This charming location lures Guests in with the delicious smell of caramel and features a cozy interior designed to look like a small bakery in the heart of a German village.

Werther' Original Caramel S'more

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Sponsored by Werther’s, Karamell-Kuche focuses mainly on using caramel to enhance all sorts of freshly made treats, and their signature item is freshly popped Caramel Corn that is the perfect combination of sticky, sweet, and satisfying. Guests who stop by the location can also enjoy other sweet options including an assortment of caramel apples, a Caramel & Chocolate Pretzel, Caramel Filled Chocolate Cookie, Caramel & Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice Treat, Milk Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt, Caramel Bacon Square, Caramel S’more, Salted Caramel Cupcake, and much more.


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Goofy’s Candy Company

Disney Springs is home to many wonderful dining options including an amazing candy shop where Guests can dig into an endless variety of sweet creations. Goofy’s Candy Company is located in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs across from the Rainforest Café and welcomes Guests with a bright and vibrant interior filled with colorful displays of sweet candy creations and a silly logo of Goofy’s face made with jelly beans.


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Guests who stop by Goofy’s Candy Company can check out shelf after shelf of prepackaged goodies including options like cookies, rice krispie treats, candy bars, chocolates, and fudge. There are also several large display cases with many different types of freshly made treats ready to be enjoyed like candy apples, cookies, cupcakes, fudge, chocolate-dipped fruit, and more.

Goofy's Glaciers

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The true highlight of Goofy’s Candy Shop is the Goofy’s Glaciers counter where Guests can create their own custom frozen slushies with delicious flavors like Brrrr-Banana, Orange You Happy Orange, Razzle Dazzle Pink, Powerade Fruit Punch, Hi-C Lime, Goofy Glacier Apple, and Coca Cola Cooler. ­­­­­­­There’s no better way to satisfy a sweet tooth in Disney Springs than with a freshly made treat and slushie from Goofy’s Candy Company.

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Zuri’s Sweets Shop

The final spot that sweet treat-loving Guests can’t miss out on at the Walt Disney World Resort can be found in the village of Harambe in the Africa area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Zuri’s Sweets Shop is located across from Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery and features a colorful and bright interior with bold pops of color on the ceiling and shelves, traditional African light fixtures, and many displays of delicious treats.


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Guests can browse shelf after shelf of prepackaged goodies including the usual cookies, candy bars, chocolates, lollipops, rice krispie treats, trail mixes, and more in addition to an ordering counter where freshly created sweet treats are available throughout the day. Guests who take the time to check out Zuri’s Sweets Shop can enjoy fresh caramel apples designed to look like favorite safari animals, Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Monkey Mix, Chocolate-dipped Pineapple Skewer, a variety of cupcakes, Mickey Ear Hat Brownie, and much, much more. Zuri’s Sweets Shop is the ultimate sweet treat spot in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Guests can even take their treats to go and enjoy them outside while soaking up the beautiful ambiance of Harambe.

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