Robin Williams Posthumously Performs as ‘Genie’ in New Disney Film

Genie 'Once Upon a Studio'
Credit: Disney

The late, great actor Robin Williams has once again graced the screens of Disney fans.

When it comes to talented actors, few names stand as tall as Robin Williams. A prolific actor and beloved comedienne, Williams put his whole heart into every project that came across his path. Since his tragic death in 2014, fans have not forgotten the incredible talents of Robin Williams.

Robin Williams Disney Legend

Credit: Disney

Robin Williams: A Disney Legend

To Disney fans, Robin Williams’s portrayal of Genie in Disney’s animated film Aladdin is nothing short of iconic. Williams’s unique blend of humor, wit, and improvisation brought the iconic character to life in a way that solidified its place in cinematic history.

From the moment Genie appears on screen, Williams’s energy is infectious. He captivates the audience with his larger-than-life personality, effortlessly infusing the Disney character with his own brand of comedic genius. Williams’s ability to seamlessly transition between different voices and personalities adds depth and complexity to Genie, making him a truly unforgettable character from Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Credit: Disney

One of the most remarkable aspects of Williams’s performance is his talent for improvisation. Many of Genie’s most memorable lines and moments were ad-libbed by Williams, showcasing his quick thinking and comedic timing. This not only added spontaneity and freshness to the film but also allowed Williams to inject his own unique style and personality into the character.

Beyond his comedic brilliance, Williams also brought a sense of heart and vulnerability to Genie. Through his performance, he conveys the character’s longing for freedom and genuine care for Aladdin, creating an emotional connection between Genie and the audience. Williams’s ability to balance the humor and the emotional depth of the character is a testament to his exceptional acting skills.


Williams’s portrayal of Genie not only impressed audiences but also received critical acclaim. His voice performance earned him a special Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Voice Acting, a rare recognition for an animated character. Williams’s dedication to bringing Genie to life shines through in every scene, making him an integral part of the film’s success.

Robin Williams in Flubber

Credit: Disney

The Genie Comes Back for One Last Performance

Because Williams improved so much of the role of the Genie, Disney was left with tons of extra recordings of Genie humor that was cut from the film. When it came time to create the epic Disney short Once Upon a Studio, Disney used these extra recordings to include Genie in the epic lineup. While fans were initially worried about the ethics of involving Williams’ in the film, it seems that fans are generally very happy with the results.

This project is truly a masterpiece when it comes to its technical execution. The film masterfully intertwines 543 characters from 85 Disney films in a way that seamlessly flows. Most impressively, the film did not rely on AI to create dialogue from characters whose actors are no longer with us.

Hearing Robin Williams as Genie invoked an emotional response from many fans. It is clear that his performance as Genie, as well as his incredible personality off-screen, will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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