Disney Ride Evacuated After Guest Allegedly Jumps off of Ride Vehicle

Grizzly River Run
Credit: Disney

Another incident has been reported at the Disney Parks.

This year, we have reported on a plethora of different incidents that have happened to varying attractions at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. While many of these incidents were due to technical malfunctions, many of them were actually due to Guest behavior.

Bad Guest behavior has been an ongoing issue at Disney Parks, and for many fans, it dramatically affects the overall Park experience. Whether it’s fighting for spots in line or jumping off rides, there has been no shortage of unacceptable behavior at Disney Parks as of late.

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Credit: Disney

Another Alleged Incident Grabs Public Attention

When you are spending thousands of dollars on your Disney vacation, it is implied that you want to soak up every second of your Park experience. Every second counts at Disney, and there is nothing more frustrating than wasting time and money inside the Parks.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest time-wasters is waiting in lines. At Disney, rides can often have wait times that are hours long. After standing in line for a long, extended period, the worst thing that could happen is a ride shutdown.

Ride shutdowns happen all the time at any theme park; they are a normal part of ensuring that Disney is safely running for such extended periods of time. However, all sympathy for breakdowns goes out the window when it is discovered that the reason for it has to do with lousy Guest behavior. 

Disney California Adventure Park Entrance

Credit: Disney

Why Are You Leaving the Ride?

There is a new phenomenon in the Disney community, one that seasoned fans hope does not linger any longer. For some reason, this year, there have been numerous incidents where Guests have decided to leave their ride vehicles in the middle of an experience. Videos of these occurrences have been circulating the internet all year long, and fans are sick and tired of Guests behaving in such a manner.

Not only does jumping out of a ride vehicle pose a significant safety risk, but oftentimes, it also results in the entire ride needing to be shut down and/or evacuated. That is precisely what one Guest claims happened today at Grizzly River Run at Disneyland Resort.

Grizzly River Run is an exhilarating water ride located in Disney California Adventure Park, the beloved sister park to Disneyland Resort. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the national parks found in California, Grizzly River Run immerses riders in an environment reminiscent of the picturesque rivers found in these natural wonders. Disney Imagineers spared no detail in creating an authentic experience that transports guests to the great outdoors.

The adventure begins as riders board a circular raft and set off on a journey through the Grizzly River. These rafts take Guests on a wild, wet, and turbulent ride. Unfortunately, many Guests may not have been able to experience this ride due to an incident with a Guest.

According to Reddit user u/kjavatar, Grizzly River Run was evacuated and drained after a Guest allegedly jumped out of a ride vehicle.

Grizzly River Run Evacuated
byu/kjavatar inDisneyland

This story has not been confirmed by Disney, but if it is true, then it is undoubtedly a disappointing thing to hear.

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