“Revenge” Set to Invade Walt Disney World Next Week

Winter Weather WDW
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Just when you think winter is over, another cold blast sets its sights on Central Florida.

When it comes to the weather at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida during the spring season, visitors can expect warm temperatures and occasional showers. Spring in Florida typically brings comfortable weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the high 80s Fahrenheit. This moderate climate creates an ideal setting for exploring the various theme parks and attractions that Walt Disney World has to offer.

The beauty of visiting Disney World in the spring is the blooming of vibrant flowers and lush greenery across the resort. The landscape comes to life with colorful flora, enhancing the magical experience for guests. The combination of warm weather, occasional showers, and the blossoming of nature adds an extra layer of charm to the already enchanting atmosphere of Disney World.

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Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather

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This week, fans have been shocked by high 90-degree weather days. While many assumed this meant the end of winter weather, that thought is not being proved incorrect by weather experts in the area.

Disney Prepares for a Chilly Spring

Spring is a popular time for families to visit Walt Disney World Resort due to school breaks and holidays. With Easter celebrations, spring festivals, and other special events taking place, there is always something exciting happening at Walt Disney World during this time of year. Visitors can immerse themselves in the festive spirit and enjoy the unique seasonal offerings that Disney has in store.

Typically, the weather at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida during the spring season offers a delightful mix of warmth, occasional showers, and the blossoming of nature. Whether exploring the theme parks, enjoying the floral displays, or participating in special events, springtime at Disney World provides a magical and memorable experience for guests of all ages.

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth with a stormy background

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However, that may not be the case for fans visiting the region next week. Click Orlando reported;

“Winter’s revenge: Blast of cold air to invade Florida as spring begins”

This headline was enough to stir up emotions in fans who are concerned about what this could implicate.

What to Expect This Spring

According to the article, temperatures from March 19-21 are expected to drop 10-20 degrees below the average temperature for this week, which is 50-70s. That means that the parks could be at potentially very cold temperatures for visitors. If the parks get too cold from this Florida weather, certain attractions will likely close down for safety reasons . The most likely to close is the water parks on the property.

animal kingdom tree of life

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While this may be a bummer for some fans, it is likely that the cold weather will not stick around for too long. There is still so much to enjoy at Walt Disney World Resort, and no vacation should be ruined despite this cold surge. Even at a lower temperature, Central Florida offers wonderful winter weather for the most part when compared to the upper east coast. Fans looking to escape the freezing temperatures will be pleased to know that this cold front will not reach to extreme low temperatures.

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