Return of the Jedi to Be Released in Theaters VERY SOON!

Return of the Jedi

This month we get to go back to “a galaxy far, far away” and revisit one of the films that made us fall in love with Star Wars. Anyone who has followed Disney Dining for long knows I’m a Star Wars superfan, so asking me to choose a favorite Star Wars film is like asking me to choose a favorite child. When pressed, though, Return of the Jedi is the one I’ll name. 

Return of the Jedi

Credit: Disney/LucasFilm

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The third film of the original trilogy is the one I go back to again and again. I won’t give away any spoilers in case you live under a rock and have never seen it, but this is the movie that really solidified Star Wars as a masterpiece and not “just another sci-fi flick.” The plot twists and bombshells, while well-known now, were genuinely astounding to first-time viewers. I still remember watching it on VHS with my dad on the first (of many) viewings and being completely blown away. My dad was amused at my “WHATS” and “NO WAYS.” 

Return of the jedi

Credit: Disney/LucasFilm

A lady never reveals her age, but I’ll say that I’m too young to have seen the original trilogy in the theaters (but not by much). Soon I will finally get the chance to see it on the big screen as intended, though, because Disney and LucasFilm are doing a limited run of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi in theaters! 

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At Star Wars Celebration (a fan event, think Comic Con but only for Star Wars)  in London, Disney announced that it would rerelease the classic film in theaters on April 28th. This comes just ahead of the unofficially dubbed “Star Wars Day” on May the 4th, and even more significantly, it comes just in time to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary on May 25! 

Daisy Ridley Rey

Credit: Disney/LucasFilm

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There’s no word on exactly how long the limited run will be, but we hope it sticks around long enough for old fans to revisit the iconic film and new generations to fall in love with it! This won’t be the last time we will visit the Star Wars universe in theaters. Disney has also announced three new Star Wars films coming to theaters. Details on the upcoming films are sparse as Disney is playing it close to the vest, but we do know that Daisy Ridley will reprise her role as Rey in at least one of them! That at least gives us a time frame scope for the new films and maybe even hints at the plot. Will we see Rey taking up the mantle as the last Jedi? Time will tell. 


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