VIDEO Showing Heated Altercation Between Cast Member and Guest BACKFIRES When the Internet Takes an Unlikely Side

Have Cast Member Attitudes Changed for the Worst?
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Disney Parks are known for being the most magical and happy places on Earth, but sometimes, it really doesn’t feel that way. More and more instances of bad Guest behavior have exposed the very real problem facing Disney. Entitled, bratty Guests have completely taken over the Parks, and usually, it’s Cast Members who pay the price.

A recent video has sparked some heated controversy within the Disney Parks community. The video, which was posted by a Guest, shows a heated argument between them and a Disney Cast Member. The Guest clearly posted the video looking for sympathy from Disney fans, but what they received instead was a slew of comments defending the Cast Member. 

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Cast Member and Guest Altercation Gets Internet Attention

At Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, the vast majority of guests adhere to the Park’s rules and regulations. However, there are occasional individuals who display bad behavior, such as cutting lines, being rude to Cast Members, or engaging in confrontations with fellow guests.

The Walt Disney Company takes such incidents seriously, aiming to ensure a safe and harmonious environment for everyone. However, sometimes it is fellow Guests who are able to keep this kind of behavior in check.

Disney Cast Members

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Fans Come to the Defense of Cast Member

With the rise of social media, bad Guest behavior has become even more consequential. Guests who have had negative experiences are inclined to share their grievances online, potentially reaching a wide audience and damaging the reputation of Disney and its Cast Members. However, in this instance, it was the Guest’s reputation being tarnished.

A Guest posted a video to TikTok, looking for sympathy from fellow Guests after having a heated dispute with a Cast Member. The Guest posted the video with the caption, “TikTok please help me find this Disrespectful Disney Employee. Her name is Korinn.” 


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From the looks of the comment section, this Guest did not get the sympathy they were looking for. Instead, Guests rallied behind the Cast Member, who clearly seems tired and fed up with entitled Guests. While this situation is still very unfortunate, it is great to see fans rally behind Disney employees in such a positive way.

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