Police and Sheriff Cars Spotted at Disney Animal Kingdom Location, Guests Reporting Strange Incident

zebra grazing at animal kingdom villas jambo house
Credit: Disney

If Walt Disney World Resort has taught us anything, it’s that the vacation destination is truly worthy of the title ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth.’

Dreams come true every day in Walt Disney World, as guests experience the Disney magic whether by riding a fan-favorite attraction, meeting a beloved Disney character, or becoming apart of their favorite worlds, such as Star Wars and Avatar.

tree of life walt disney world's animal kingdom

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…But that doesn’t mean that things can’t get rowdy or crazy from time to time. After all, people are still people, and people can get wild, just like the residents of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

In fact, guests recently reported on an incident over in Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House.

More About Animal Kingdom’s Jambo House

baby zebra

Credit: Disney

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Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House is one of the sections of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort. This is one of Disney World’s most popular resort hotels, as it gives guests the chance to see exotic animals such as ostriches, giraffes, and zebras as they roam around the resort’s savannas.

From Walt Disney World’s official website:

Experience your own African safari adventure! This Resort hotel’s horseshoe-curved design, inspired by the traditional African kraal, provides spectacular views of 4 lush savannas, where over 200 hoofed animals and birds freely roam. Enjoy the comforts of home in our spacious Studios and multi-bedroom Villas—and indulge in Club Level service for added luxury!

But for all of the luxury of this Deluxe Villa Resort, it can’t stop crazy things from happening.

What Exactly Happened At This Disney Location?

Animal Kingdom lodge fire

Credit: Disney, Adobe

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One guest recently stayed at this Disney World Resort hotel,  and reported a strange incident in which law enforcement needed to get involved. They described their experience on social media, stating they saw “five sheriff cars and a security car sitting outside the resort.”

Not only that, but a “manager was talking to one of the officers.” The continue, saying that none of the Cast Members would explain what was happening, and also noting that they heard “strange noises” back at their room.

Another anonymous source chimed in, writing, “Orange County Sherriff’s Office dispatch calls is showing ‘Trespasser.‘”

Tusker House

Credit: Disney

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Obviously, Disney security takes trespassing incredibly seriously. Once a guest resists after having been told to leave enough times, Disney security has no issues considering it an act of trespassing and taking the appropriate measures.

The theme park rules extend toward Walt Disney World Resort hotels, and it’s not just a good idea to follow them, it’s a requirement.

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