Police “Crackdown” Begins Outside Walt Disney World; Guests Warned

Police car with flashing lights in foreground, a "police line - do not cross" tape, and a castle reminiscent of Walt Disney World in the background under a cloudy sky.
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Due to its popularity, law enforcement has always had a presence in and around Walt Disney World Resort. The parks, which bring in millions of visitors annually, are consistently under the watchful eye of the police. Police are not only there to prevent crimes but also to make sure the roadways in and outside of the resort are safe for civilians.

Guests at Disney have recently noted a significant uptick in the presence of traffic police along prominent thoroughfares such as World Drive and various other key roadways around the Walt Disney World property. This heightened visibility of law enforcement officers patrolling these areas has led fans to deduct that police may be cracking down on speeding and unsafe driving in the area.

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Fans Allege Increase in Speed Enforcement

Keeping Walt Disney World Resort safe does not just happen once you get to theme park security. It is critical for police officers to maintain a safe and regulated atmosphere on the roads in and outside of the parks. Every year, traffic accidents happen on major roadways surrounding the resort, a reality that police hope to combat with their surveillance.

Speeding is prominent in many areas around Orlando, Florida, and in some cases, this kind of reckless driving can cause accidents. In order to combat this, it seems that traffic police have increased their presence and begun a “crackdown” of sorts on speeders in the area. One guest reports these findings, saying:

“Increased traffic police presence on World Dr., Reams Rd. and other Disney major roads

Recently I’ve been seeing many more traffic violations (vehicles being pulled over) in and around MK and Epcot. More than usual, more than last year at this time. Is there an advertised reason about the increase in enforcement? a crack down on speeding? Data from Davnit seems to support increased speed enforcement in the evenings (”

Increased traffic police presence on World Dr., Reams Rd. and other Disney major roads
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What This Means for Resort Guests

In the website linked by this person’s report, you can see what appears to be a larger-than-normal police presence outside the resort area. Many fans believe that police are making this area a priority when combatting speeding and reckless driving. The strategic deployment of officers not only contributes to the overall security of the premises but also offers a sense of reassurance to visitors and residents alike as they navigate the bustling streets of this resort.

Winter Weather WDW

Credit: Disney, Canva

By maintaining a vigilant eye on traffic activities, these officers play a pivotal role in upholding the standards of safety and order within the precincts of the renowned resort, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the wonders of this captivating destination. If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World Resort soon, it is essential that you drive safely and follow the speed limit to avoid tickets at this time.

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