Pluto Does Something Unforgettable For Disabled Guest

Pluto interacts with blind baby at Disney park
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Disney theme parks are truly wonderful places where magic is real, fantasy comes to life, and your dreams can come true with just a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. Of course, it’s not just the rides, attractions, food, and theming that make places like Walt Disney World Resort such a magical place. Disney would be nothing without its thousands of cast members who do everything from keeping the parks clean, to operating the rides, serving the guests, selling the merchandise, and so much more.

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While all cast members work hard to make each guest’s day magical, there are some who go above and beyond to make memories for families that will last a lifetime.

That was certainly the case for one family who brought their toddler and their baby to a Disney Park recently.

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Redditor u/AcerOne17 recounted a story that is sure to make you tear up. They took their two children to a Disney Park. While there, they were talking to their next attraction when they saw Goofy. OP’s (“Original Poster”) toddler got very excited, so they went over and waited in line to meet Pluto.

Once it was their turn, Pluto also tried to interact with the baby. It was then that the OP informed Pluto that her son could hear Pluto, but could not see him. That is when the magic truly took place. Pluto got incredibly close to the baby, so he could feel Pluto’s fur and whiskers. That brought a smile to the baby’s face, and created a memory that this parent will never forget.

We took my youngest son, who is visually impaired, to Disneyland for the first time and one of the characters did something I’ll never forget.
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OP acknowledged that the world can be an incredibly tough place for people with disabilities, and they were truly appreciative of the Disney cast member who went out of their way to make their infant feel included. They knew the baby wouldn’t remember the moment, but the family and cast member would.

Commenters were in tears and loved hearing OP’s story, saying that is one of the reasons that Disney Parks are unlike any other theme parks around. Some even shared their own magical memories created by Disney cast members:

We had spent over an hour waiting for Jasmine and Aladdin. It was hot and they had to take frequent breaks. As it was our turn my daughter approached looking so excited. Just then a VIP family with a docent with at least 12 people approached and cut the line as they are allowed to do. I called my daughter back using her name and told her it wasn’t our turn yet. When the family finally left, Aladdin turned to her and said “Hiya common shorted version of her name!” Her eyes got huge and she turned to me wanting to know how Aladdin knew her name. I told her I had no idea. He remembered what I had called her. She was about 7 when that happened. Thank you Aladdin for bringing some magic that day.

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One commenter, who claimed to be a cast member, said that many cast members love to go out of their way to interact with children with disabilities. They want the kids (and adults) to feel like they are no different from anyone else, and they want them to have the most incredible experience possible.

Disney is constantly facing increasing criticism for out pricing the average family, making it a place that only the elite can visit. However, one commenter said that this is why they save up and visit every year. It is special moments like this that set Disney apart, and make every penny spent completely worth it:

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People always ask why we go to Disney almost every year and this is why. The cast members are so wonderful with making my special needs child feel special. Last time we were at Disneyland a few months back, Pinocchio was walking through the park and spotted my child in their wheelchair. He came over and knelt down and held my child’s hand & when my child wanted to snuggle, he put his arms around him and cuddled him for like 5 minutes. At Galaxy’s Edge they sent R2 over to my child to interact with him for nearly 10 minutes. I joke that Disney can take all my money, but in all seriousness this is why we are so loyal to Disney. I’m so thankful for a place where we can go make memories as a family where everyone has fun, and the whole experience is so inclusive and accommodating to children with special needs.

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Disney is very accommodating when it comes to guests with disabilities. There are cast members who are fluent in sign language and who will interact with guests when needed, even signing entire shows. Disney also has its Disability Access Service, which allows guests with certain disabilities to skip the traditional ride queue.

If you or someone in your party needs special accommodations for a disability, you can visit City Hall and speak with one of Disney’s wonderful cast members.

Have you ever seen a Disney cast member create a truly memorable experience for a guest? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I worked as a character greeter At Disney world and was just finishing my last set of the day when a lady approached and said. “I know you are done and your line had been cut off but when Jasmine leaves could she just wave as she passes my granddaughter?. I told her I would ask Jasmine she said sure. As she was leaving with Aladdin she came over and picked the little girl up an carried her back to Elephant ears where she would go back stage. She took many pictures with her. Grand mom was so overwhelmed she started crying. She was thanking me over and over. I told her all I did was ask Jasmine to wave, the rest was all her. One of the best times I ever had there. The best part of being a cast member is you get to “Make the Magic” no matter what your role is.

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