Disneyland Paris Expands Pizzeria Bella Notte Adding Luca Theme

Luca Mural
Luca Mural-Credit:Disney

Pizzeria Bella Notte in Disneyland Paris is breaking ground on an extension inspired by the 2021 Pixar film Luca. This expansion offers additional seating and will take over the neighboring Fantasia Gelati, which announced its closing on May 2, 2022. It is no surprise that the ice cream shop has met its end. Prior to its closing, Fantasia Gelati offered limited hours and closed entirely for colder seasons. The exterior of the ice cream parlor will be transformed to match Belle Notte’s exterior design, bidding goodbye to the bubblegum pink facade.

Exterior of Bella Notte Current picture

Credit: Disney

As it is now, Pizzeria Bella Notte boasts a romantic atmosphere with nods to Disney’s 1955 classic, Lady and the Tramp. Current menu items at Pizzeria Bella Notte feature a Mickey-shaped pizza, penne pasta served with bolognese or Neapolitan sauce, and a variety of sides and desserts. Menu changes with the Luca addition are undisclosed, but the decor will completely transform.

Concept Art For Pizzeria Bella Notte

Exterior design of Bella Notte

Credit: Disney

The Artist’s rendition of the plans features nautical decor, and a mural that reads:  “Mari e montiNon ci dividonoLuna e soleSempre risplendono.“ In English: “Seas and mountains. They don’t divide us. Moon and sun. They always shine.”. Furthermore, the current illustration of the mural depicts Luca swimming happily amongst a school of fish and peering out onto a cityscape. The bright colors of the mural are whimsical and inviting. This is the only concept art that shows any color, as the rest of the renditions are primarily sketches.

interior bella notte

Credit: Disney

Pixars Luca is set on the Italian Rivera and beautifully tells the tale of a sea monster boy who learns to celebrate his differences while exploring the town of Portorosso with his best friends. Decor added for the welcoming of Luca will celebrate the local fishing culture of Portorosso with its maritime theme. It will undoubtedly be a welcome addition for guests in Disneyland Paris.



Source: Disney Park Blog

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