Pixar Putt-Putt Pops Up Again! To Philly, Chicago, and Beyond!

pixar putt ratatouille hole disney mini golf pop up club ball
Credit: Pixar Putt, Twitter

Fans that aren’t local to the magical Walt Disney theme parks may find it difficult to get their dose of Disney magic. Luckily this returning pop-up has you covered because it plans on bringing some Disney/Pixar magic straight to a city near you! Have you heard of Pixar Putt?

pixar putt coco hole disney mini golf pop up club ball

Credit: Pixar Putt, Twitter

It’s a limited-time offering of mini golf fun for the whole family. Made up of 18 holes, this nomadic course highlights Pixar characters from the stories you love. Pixar Putt’s website says Guests can expect theming based on Toy Story, The Incredibles (2004)Monsters, Inc. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), Coco (2017), A Bug’s Life (1998), Wall-E (2008), and Inside Out (2015).

Pixar Putt’s time in other cities revealed magically designed holes based on even more movies than listed above! Guests can zoom their colorful golf balls through Lighting McQueen’s racing number 95 and see Mei’s red panda from Turning Red (2022). Check out obstacle designs from 2020’s Onward and play on Joe’s piano steps from Soul (2020). Keep your eye out for Up (2009), Ratatouille (2007), and Luca (2021) holes too! Are you brave enough to hit Merida’s bullseye with your best chip shot?

pixar putt soul piano hole disney mini golf pop up club ball

Credit: Pixar Putt, Twitter

Each hole features a sign indicating which movie the hole is based on (you know, for those non-Disney/Pixar fans you drag along for the ride). Plus, each hole’s tee-off area is designed to look like the yellow Pixar ball – blue stripe and red star and all!

Pixar Putt says, “Get ready to kick some serious putt!” The pop-up is open every day of the week, with “After Dark” hours starting at seven in the evening on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for putters over 18.

pixar putt toy story buzz lightyear hole disney mini golf pop up club ball

Credit: Pixar Putt, Twitter

Right now, Guests can play in Chicago until the pop-up ends on September 10. Then, Starting July 1, Pixar Putt will spend the rest of the summer, until October 1, in the city of Philadelphia. If you don’t see the city nearest to you listed, you can sign up to be notified by email when new dates and locations are announced.

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