Move Over Tron- There’s a NEW Coaster in Town!

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster
Credit: SeaWorld

Walt Disney World opened the long-awaited Tron: Lightcycle/Run last month at Magic Kingdom. The coaster is Disney’s fastest and delivers thrills around every corner. Just across town, though, a brand new coaster has opened up that intends to give Tron a run for its money!

SeaWorld Orlando has just opened a first-of-its-kind roller coaster that has thrill junkies everywhere during a visit. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster delivers everything roller coaster enthusiasts want in a new coaster: airtime, inversions, speed, and cutting-edge technology! Pipeline has it all and then some.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

Credit: u/robbycough/Reddit

The twist? It’s a stand-up coaster. These ride designs were incredibly popular in the 1990s but fell out of favor because of repeated complaints that they weren’t comfortable. Pipeline cus he’s all of that with a first-of-its-kind ride design system that allows you to move around as you ride! The seats are spring-loaded and bounce up and down as you ride, which eliminates the pain issues older stand-up coasters cause.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

Credit: SeaWorld

Not only does the bouncing seat alleviate discomfort, but it also makes it feel like riders are actually surfing! Pipeline is situated by the water, which creates the illusion even better. With its heavy reliance on airtime and surfboard-shaped trains, it certainly feels surfing-esque, but we’re not sure we’ve ever ridden a wave at 60 mph!

Pipeline:The Surf Coaster

Credit: Twitter/@bioreconstruct

According to SeaWorld Orlando, “Experience the rush of launching 110 feet up at 60 mph and feeling every bank and curve as though you’re really riding the waves, thanks to innovative, dynamic seats that give you unparalleled freedom of movement. Experience the ultimate thrill with the addition of this seventh coaster to the Coaster Capital of Orlando.”

Coaster capital of Orlando” is a big claim SeaWorld delivers. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster joins an impressive line-up! As home to Manta, Mako, and Kraken, there is no shortage of thrills at SeaWorld. Take a look at this video by SeaWorld Orlando:


Is that not seriously cool? The “wave roll” alone makes us want to give this coaster a visit. We love Tron, but Pipeline blows it out of the water (pun totally intended).

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