Photos, Body Camera videos released in Bob Saget death investigation by Orange County Sheriff’s Office

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Credit: Orange County Sheriff's Office/Variety/Canva Creation

Photos and body camera videos have been released in the investigation into the death of actor and comedian Bob Saget.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released body cam video and more photos from its investigation into the death of beloved actor Bob Saget on January 9, 2022.

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Credit: James Brickwood/The Sydney Morning Herald

Body camera video that was recorded on January 9, the day Saget was found deceased in his hotel room at the Ritz Carlton Orlando Hotel-Grande Lakes shows Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies knocking at the wrong guest room door at the hotel before realizing it was not Saget’s room number. Deputies then made their way to the correct guest room. When deputies arrived at Saget’s room, their body cam video shows that the door was slightly open before the lawmen made their way into the room.

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Credit: ABC

It is important to note that Circuit Judge Vincent Chiu blocked the release of certain photos taken as part of the death investigation, at the request of Saget’s family, including his wife, Kelly Rizzo, who filed suit to keep those items private and out of reach of those who file a public records request.

Photos that were released today from the investigation were taken after Saget’s body was removed from the room. Those taken inside the TV star’s hotel room give the impression that Saget had showered before he died. This assumption is based on the toiletries that were found in the shower, as well as a used towel seen in the bathtub.

Bob saget hotel room

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Saget was found deceased in the hotel room on January 9, and the final autopsy report was released in early February, citing “blunt head trauma” as the comedian’s cause of death. But the findings left heartbroken fans demanding more answers about what could have happened to the actor to cause the multiple skull fractures discovered during the autopsy performed by Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany.

The final death investigation report was released in mid-March, and the report revealed that a homicide investigator had been a part of the investigative team looking into Saget’s death, though his death was ruled an accident in the autopsy report. The report further stated that the star most likely incurred his injuries from striking his head on “something hard, covered by something soft.”

Photos from the hotel room show that the room had a carpeted floor, as well as a padded headboard, each of which was listed as a possible item to cause Saget’s injuries. Neither of the items had any bloodstains.

bob saget's hotel room

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Saget's hotel room

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office report, those who saw Saget in the hours before his death saw no reason to be concerned. Saget didn’t show signs of injury, and the report says that the valet who took a photo with Saget before dropping him off at the Ritz Carlton Hotel said that he saw no “evidence of slurred speech, balance issues, or anything else that caused him concern.”

Bob Saget and valet at Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel

Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Further, the investigation report stated that the injury that led to Saget’s death would have caused others around him to notice “confusion, balance [issues], and/or slurred speech,” none of which were detailed by anyone who saw him before he retired to his room after returning to his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Hotel.

Saget rose to fame as the lovable Danny Tanner on Disney-owned ABC’s Full House which aired for several seasons in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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