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Bob Saget’s Final Death Investigation Report: a HOMICIDE detective has been involved, and a search for his cause of death has been ongoing

It’s been more than two months since beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget, age 65, was found deceased in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Hotel Grande Lakes, and today, a final death investigation report reveals that a search for the actor’s cause of death has been ongoing, and a homicide detective has been involved in the case, despite his autopsy report stating his death was ruled an accident.

bob saget

Credit: Detroit Free Press

Only hours before Saget’s death, the upbeat actor and comedian was performing a show at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Jacksonville, Florida. Staff members there described him as “energetic,” “high on life” as he performed and interacted with his adoring fans.

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“At no point did I think anything was wrong,” said Richard Stanford, a production coordinator at the Concert Hall who spoke to investigators. “He chatted with everyone. He had a good time talking with everyone.”

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office final report of investigation into Saget’s death, witnesses who were among the last to see Saget alive told investigators they didn’t notice anything wrong or troublesome when they interacted with Saget, each one describing the Full House alum as upbeat and talkative.

Bob Saget

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The original Orange County Sheriff’s report stated there were no signs of trauma. Today’s report notes a “slight swelling” on his left eye, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

Saget’s final autopsy report, released in February, detailed findings by the Orange and Osceola Counties Medical Examiner’s Office, citing “blunt force trauma” as the cause of Saget’s death. Dr. Joshua Stephany, Chief Medical Examiner expounded on the report, saying the trauma could have been the result of an “unwitnessed fall.”

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But the report released today shows that detectives were never able to determine where Saget fell to cause his injury. Dr. Stephany said it was his opinion that Saget struck his head on “something hard, covered by something soft.”For the first time since Saget’s death, there is mention of a homicide investigator playing a role in the case. Cpl. Brian Meadows wrote in the report that the tables, countertops, and nightstands inside Saget’s room at the Ritz-Carlton “were thought to be unlikely [culprits] due to the fact that they would have lacerated the skin,” which wasn’t the case.

Bob Saget

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“The counters in the bathroom and the shower stall were ruled out for the same reason,” Meadows added. “Most of the chairs and couches were thickly upholstered and were too soft to have caused the type and extent of injury Mr. Saget suffered.”

Dr. Stephany told members of the team of investigators that a fall onto a soft carpeted floor could have been a possibility. He also said that Saget could have been hurt hours to days before he passed from the injuries, but that he would “have exhibited significant signs that something was wrong.”

On Monday, a permanent injunction was ordered by a judge during a hearing in response to a suit filed by Saget’s family to keep some photos and information about Saget’s death permanently private. The order also states that today’s report has to be redacted.

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Saget rose to fame in his role as widower Danny Tanner on Disney-owned ABC’s Full House, which ran for several seasons in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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