Pay for Your Next Movie With a Potato at Regal Cinemas

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You can leave your wallet at home for your next movie at Regal Cinemas!

The movie theatre company has just announced that customers will be able to get a free movie ticket when they bring a potato to theatres on select dates. This promotion has shocked fans who are used to paying big bucks for a night out at the movie. With the price of admission and concessions getting more expensive, this potato deal is going to be a huge draw to the movie theatres.

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A Unique Exchange

Going to watch a movie at a movie theatre is one of America’s favorite past times. There are few things more exciting than getting to watch an amazing movie play out on a massive screen. The incredible visuals, amazing audio, comfortable seats, and tasty concessions are all reasons that families choose to take a trip to the theatres.

Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of streaming platforms, people have started going to movie theatres less and less. This means that movie theatres have had to raise the prices of tickets, food, drinks, and candy. Recently, going to a movie has felt unreasonably expensive. Thankfully, Regal Cinemas has an exception.

Dungeons and Dragons

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On March 28, Regal Cinemas announced on their Twitter account that fans heading to watch the Dungeons and Dragons movie on March 30 can get in for free if they bring a potato. This hilarious special has made fans wonder if this could be a deal for more movies in the future.

The potato deal is available on March 30 only, and there will be a limited number of tickets given out. The participating theatres are:

  • LA: LA Live
  • NYC: Union Station
  • ALT: Atlantic Square 
  • Houston: Benders Landing
  • Chicago: City North
  • Fort Worth: Fossil Creek

There are no specifications on what kind of potato you need to bring. With the release of big movies like the live-action The Little Mermaid coming out soon, fans are hoping that this potato deal will become a regular thing for Regal Cinemas.

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