Disney Wins Award for WORST Movie

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Every year, the world watches Hollywood’s biggest stars celebrate their achievements and compete for the coveted Academy Award. The 95th Oscars took place last Sunday, March 12, and the award show was a spectacular night for Hollywood. On a night celebrating Hollywood’s best, Disney was involved as usual. However, just after the Academy Award ceremony finished, another awards show gave Disney a pretty rough “honor”; an award for the worst movie.

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2023 Razzie Award Wins for Disney

The Walt Disney Company also had a strong presence at the awards show. On top of Disney’s numerous nominations, they also had the opportunity to show the new trailer for their upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid. This was a great choice to stir up excitement surrounding the film, but it wasn’t able to hide the fact that at another award show, a live-action Disney movie was being reamed by critics.


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The Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the Razzies, has “honored” the worst achievements in cinema for that year. The awards show is meant to be fun and satirical, but it is still a very negative award.

This year’s 43rd annual Razzie Award ceremony was as brutal as usual. Many famous actors earned the worst performance nomination this year; Tom Hanks won ‘worst supporting actor’ for his role as Col Tom Parker in Elvis. Jared Leto won ‘worst actor’ for his role in the flop movie Morbius. The controversial movie Blonde took home awards for ‘worst screenplay’ and ‘worst picture.’


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Disney took home the ‘worst remake/rip-off/sequel’ award for their live-action Pinocchio movie that came out earlier this year. Pinocchio, which starred Tom Hanks as Geppetto, was considered underwhelming by critics. The Hollywood Reporter even called it “just another widget in Disney’s remake ‘em all agenda.”

Pinocchio Wins Hurtful Award

Regardless of how you feel about the Razzies, this award is not a good look for Disney. With another live-action just months away, the company needs this one to be a success. Fans and critics will be patiently waiting to see if The Little Mermaid can live up to the high expectations.


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