Park Guests Evacuated After a Burst Pipe Causes MASSIVE Flood

New orleans flooding
Credit: Disney

A tense situation went down at a Disney Park yesterday.

Maintaining and upkeeping Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort is a huge undertaking for Cast Members. Both properties are incredibly large and require a ton of attention on a daily basis. When one thing goes wrong, a catastrophic chain of events can occur throughout the Parks and Resorts.

Yesterday, on May 13, 2023, an unfortunate incident occurred at one of the Disney Parks. This incident resulted in an entire area and ride having an emergency evacuation.

mickey and minnie

Credit: Disney

Panic Ensues in Disney Park

There are many things that Guests don’t want to happen to them when visiting a theme Park; bad weather, long lines, and ride breakdowns are all unwanted occurrences. When immersed in the “Disney Bubble,” the worst thing that could happen is being broken out of the magic by an unforeseen circumstance.

That is precisely what happened to Guests visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, yesterday. 

Some Guests visiting New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park yesterday were evacuated after an incident occurred behind the scenes. According to reports, all Guests in New Orleans Square were evacuated during the afternoon. This included Guests who were riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Guests who were eating at the Blue Bayou restaurant.

Blue Bayou

Credit: Disney

Water Supply Pipe Causes Problems for Disney

According to some witnesses of the occurrence, the issue was with a water supply pipe. The pipe had low pressure, which caused it to break, effectively flooding the area and triggering the fire alarms. Reddit user mantis949 broke down the incident, saying;

“… A water supply pipe broke resulting in the partial flooding of a downstairs area. This caused the fire system to trigger somehow and register like there was a fire somewhere in the structure that houses pirates, BB, and 33. Cast and guests from all areas were evacuated while the fire authorities investigated the issue.”

New Orleans/POTC evacuated
by u/Gregger_D in Disneyland

Thankfully no one was harmed, and the situation could be resolved. It is in times like these that we can all be thankful for all that Disney Cast Members do. There are so many incidents that happen every day, and it is Cast Members who make sure that things are resolved in a safe and timely manner.

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