Parents Slammed Online After Subjecting Child to “Public Humiliation” At Disney World

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Between Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom, nobody could deny that Walt Disney World is truly the Most Magical Place on Earth.  Unfortunately, one Guest recently witnessed something that would ruin anyone’s magic.

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Walt Disney World has become one of the top family-friendly vacation destinations in the world. Each theme park has a healthy mix of attractions and experiences geared toward adults, children, and the entire family as a whole.

That being said, it can’t be denied that a trip to Walt Disney World is more expensive than ever, and those high prices can put pressure on Guests to make the absolute most of their time.

However, one family took that pressure too far, resulting in the neglect of their child:

Don’t take your kids to Disney if you’re just going to bully them
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In this social media post, one recent Guest describes their experience while visiting Animal Kingdom. While waiting in line for Avatar Flight of Passage, they describe seeing a family ahead of them, stating that the little boy had been begging to use the bathroom throughout the entire line.

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Eventually, the little boy had an accident, and instead of responding with any empathy or apology, his parents responded angrily. The story from the social media post above reads:

We were in line for FOP, and as soon as we got into the first pre show room we noticed a little boy, maybe eight or ten at most, who kept begging his parents to take him to the bathroom. His mom kept saying he would be fine. He was begging, begging, begging. We got into the second room before the ride and we heard his mom yell to his dad “oh now this is my fault too?” and then yell at the boy “I am so angry with you right now.” When we exited the room to get to the ride we saw that the floor and the boy were all wet. This kid had been begging to use the washroom for who knows how long. It was absolutely in no way his fault. This poor kid not only had to go through the physical discomfort but also the public humiliation AND denigration from his family. I can’t stop thinking about him and I hope someone tells him that he deserved to be treated better. Children are just small people! Treat them with kindness!

Immediately, the comment thread was full of fans admonishing the parents for neglecting the child’s needs, many of which cannot be repeated here.

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Although Walt Disney World is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere, some adults can ironically forget that it’s the children’s vacation as well. It goes without saying that a child’s needs will always outweigh the need to experience an attraction at Disney World.

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