Captain’s Grille Menu

Captain’s Grille Menu Breakfast Entrées Breakfast Buffet- Seasonal Fruit, Yogurt, Assorted Pastries, Pancakes, Smoked Salmon and Bagels, Bread Pudding, Oatmeal, Cold Kelloggs® Cereals, Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, and Chef’s Frittata Lobster Omelet- Butter-warmed Lobster, Asparagus, Chive-infused Cream, and Roasted Potatoes 13.49 Poached Eggs- Lump Crab Salad, Prosciutto, Potato Rösti, and Herb Hollandaise 12.99 Tailored Eggs- Two Eggs, Roasted Potatoes, ...

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Yachtsman Steakhouse Menu

Yachtsman Steakhouse Menu Dinner Appetizers Artisanal Cheeses- Assorted Bread and Seasonal Accoutrements 17.00 Pappardelle- Beef Sausage Piccante, Tomato-fennel Ragu, and Arugula 14.00 Charcuterie Board- Lamb Sausage, Suckling Pig, Cured Meats, and Accoutrements 16.00 Roasted Heirloom Beets- Serrano Ham, Belle Chèvre, Mache, and Cranberry Vinaigrette 15.00 Caesar Salad- Crisp Romaine, Parmigiano, Coppa Secco, and Focaccoa Croutons 11.00 Calico Bay Scallops- “Chowda” ...

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