7 Amazing Walt Disney World Ride Tricks

Over the past 14 years, I have gone periodically, (okay, very periodically), to Walt Disney World with family and friends. I have learned how to strategize when it comes getting the most out of riding all the rides Disney has to offer. There are certain tips and tricks that will save you time and make your riding experience all the ...

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10 Ways To Survive A Crowded Day At Walt Disney World

Main Street

If you happen to find yourself at Walt Disney World during a crowded day, leaving the park to get a break from the throngs of people may not be your best option. During busy seasons you may find the park closed because it has reached capacity and you could be blocked out, even though you were in there earlier. For ...

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Six Ways to Keep the Disney Magic Alive at Home

The worst part about a Walt Disney World vacation is leaving, but unfortunately it’s a day that will come. There is so much excitement leading up to the trip, but then it is over in the blink of an eye. While leaving Central Florida is hard, there are ways that you can experience the Disney magic after you’ve left the ...

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Ten Big Changes Coming to Disney


There have been plenty of changes taking place at Walt Disney World in the past few years. Lands have closed, new rides have been built, and attractions have quietly (and not so quietly) shut down to make room for something else. While many of these changes are taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the other parks have construction walls up ...

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Top 8 Things I Would Take Home From Walt Disney World If I Could

Top 10 Disney stories

Are there things you would like to take home with you? I am not just talking about tucking an Earl of Sandwich into your cooler to eat when you get home, think bigger, much bigger… 8. Dole Whip Machine I love Dole Whips! I am disappointed that the self-serve machine is no longer available at the Polynesian Village resort.  It ...

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News Update: No Expire Option To Be Removed From Disney Tickets

Multiple unofficial Disney fan sites are reporting that the “no expire” option will be removed as a ticket option in February of 2015.   The “no expiration” ticket option, allows you to keep an unused days on your Disney Parks tickets for later use. This is a potentially huge change that could affect many Disney Guests. It is expected that ...

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The Plaza Restaurant Review

The Plaza, located at the Castle end of Main Street USA, has become one of my go-to Magic Kingdom dining destinations for several reasons: value, ease of getting a reservation, consistent food and good service. On a recent trip we joined another family for dinner at the Plaza and again I was not disappointed. The atmosphere at the Plaza is ...

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10 Impressive Facts About Walt Disney World

Liberty Bell & The Hall of Presidents

Whether you have never been to Disney World and are eagerly counting down days to your magical vacation or you are a Disney parks expert who doesn’t even bother to grab a map anymore, there are facts about Disney that are not generally shared with guests that you might not know. It’s not that they are a secret, but more ...

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Endangered Attractions: Could These Four Attractions be Going Away Soon?

By Cassie Indiana Jones is rumored to close soon to make way for the Star Wars area expansion inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Another change expected is the counter service restaurant located between Indiana Jones and Star Tours to be redesigned into a Star Wars themed eatery. We will have to wait for Disney to make some official announcements of their ...

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