Our Favorite Disney Stocking Stuffers!

Disney Stocking Stuffers
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It seems impossible to believe, but in less than two weeks, Santa will load up his sleigh, prep the reindeer, and head out to deliver presents to people around the world! A lot of people like to play Santa and get their loved ones gifts that they are sure to love. Of course, seeing a big box under the tree is always exciting, but there is another part of opening Christmas gifts that is equally exciting.


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I’m talking about the stockings!

Stockings are a Christmas tradition in many families, and it’s so fun seeing your stocking full of small treats, toys, and practical items. Opening all the little wrapped gifts can be as exciting for adults as it is for kids.

Here are some of our favorite stocking stuffers for the Disney fans in your life!

walt disney with christmas tree

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Mickey Mouse Knit Stocking

There is one thing that you need before you can start filling your stocking with fun, little trinkets — a stocking! So, this Mickey Mouse stocking is perfect for all of those Disney gifts.

Mickey Mouse stocking

Credit: Target

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This knit stocking features the face of the mouse who started it all, Mickey! There is also a loop so you can hang your beautiful stocking by the chimney with care (hopefully St. Nicholas soon will be there). Best of all, the stocking is nearly two feet long, so there is plenty of space to fit all the goodies you purchase for your loved one.

Minnie Mouse stocking

Credit: Target

The cherry on top of the Disney stocking cake is that there is also a Minnie Mouse version, so the Mickey and Minnie lovers can each be represented!

Head to Target.com and you can get this adorable stocking for just $15!

Disney Character Scrunchies

Extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s, scrunchies are making quite the comeback. They are perfect to keep your hair up on a hot day. And for a Disney fan, there is no better kind of scrunchie to have than a Disney scrunchie!

Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

Credit: Disney

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For the Disney fan in your life, you need to head over to Amazon and snag this Disney character scrunchie six-pack. The pack comes with two solid-colored scrunchies, complete with mouse ears and a bow. Then there is a bow that is themed to look like Mickey Mouse, a blue one that looks like Minnie Mouse, a purple and white one that looks like Daisy Duck, and a yellow and blue scrunchie with a red bow that is themed after Snow White!

Disney Character scrunchies

Credit: Amazon

These must-have bows can be purchased on Amazon for just $9.99.

Disney Doorables Figurines

One of the biggest Disney toys around right now is Disney Doorables. They are small Disney figurines that Disney fans are grabbing on the shelves, hoping to collect them all.

This year, The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. So, you’ll definitely want to add these Series 10: Disney100 Doorables to your Disney stocking. The set comes with at least five Doorables, but you could get six, or even seven! There are 80 total figures in Series 10, so there are a lot of possible options in this set.

Series 10 Disney100 Doorables

Credit: Target

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Some of the characters in the Series 10 Doorables set include characters from The Emperor’s New Groove (2000), Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), Robin Hood (1973), Pocahontas (1995), The Good Dinosaur (2015), and more. There are also nine special edition collectible characters that you may find in your Doorables set. This includes Snow White, Stitch, Jack Skellington, Woody, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Simba, Elsa, and Tiana.

Series 10 Disney 100 Doorables

Credit: Target

Disney is all about Mickey Mouse, and some lucky collectors will open one of their Doorables bags and find an ultra-rare Mickey Mouse. Only 100 of these Mickey figures have been made, so if you manage to get one, consider yourself extremely lucky!

This Series 10, Disney100 Doorables set is available from Target for just $9.49. It’s typically $11.99, so get yours while it’s on sale.

No-Show Disney Socks

While we might not love getting socks for Christmas when we were little, getting socks now can be really fun! The older you get, the more you come to appreciate practical gifts. And there are no better socks for a Disney fan than some Disney socks.

Disney Character Socks

Credit: Amazon

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This 5-pack of Disney socks is a must-have for the lady in your life. They are made for women with shoe sizes 9 to 11 and feature four Disney characters. There are two pairs dedicated to Mickey Mouse, a pair themed after Pluto, another pair that is Goofy Goofy-themed, and finally a pair that looks like Donald Duck.

Disney Character Socks

Credit: Amazon

There are several more options for those who love Mickey Mouse more than anything. They are also available for men in sizes 10 through 13.

These adorable Disney socks can be found on Amazon for just $10.99!

Mickey Mouse Selfie Ring Light

The use of social media has absolutely exploded in recent years, with people of all ages creating content for social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. And Disney-focused content is rising just as quickly. Disney fans create accounts to talk about anything from merchandise to food, attractions, and more. There are some Disney accounts that just focus on Disneyland, some on Disney World, and some that cover everything.

Mickey Mouse Selfie Light

Credit: Amazon

For the social media-savvy Disney fan in your life, this selfie ring light is a perfect addition to their stocking. Not only is it designed to easily clip on to your cellphone, but it is also shaped like Mickey Mouse! The Mickey Mouse Selfie Ring Light is portable and will help your loved one take the perfect selfie every single time.

You can purchase the Mickey Mouse Clip-On Selfie Ring Light from Amazon for $12.99.

Frozen Bruni Plush

In 2013, Disney released its newest animated film, Frozen, which would become one of Disney’s most popular animated movies of all time. The movie tells the story of Elsa, a young princess who is set to become the queen of Arendelle, but Elsa is hiding a big secret. When her secret is accidentally revealed, she flees, but her sister Anna refuses to give up on her. Together, they realize that Elsa’s powers are not a curse, but can be a gift for everyone.

Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Olaf the snowman, Kristoff, and Sven all together

Credit: Disney

Six years later, Disney released Frozen 2. There were a lot of new characters introduced in the sequel, but the most beloved of the new characters was Bruni — an adorable salamander who lives in the Enchanted Forest. He is also a magical spirit who represents fire, and can be shy until someone takes the time to understand him.

Bruni is one of the cutest parts of the film, and this Bruni plush is just as cute! He is more than four inches high, and is soft and feels like a bean bag animal. Because of the beans on the inside, he is recommended for children ages three and up.

Bruni Plush

Credit: Target

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This charming Bruni plush can be purchased from Target for just $5.99.

Disney Princess Chapstick Pack

While toys, candy, and snacks are always fun to receive in your stocking, practical things can be just as important.

The winter months can get very cold, which can make your skin really dry. It is important to moisturize and keep your skin healthy. That’s why this Disney Princess lip balm kit is the perfect item to add to your Disney stocking. There are eight different flavors and each one is represented by a Disney princess — Rapunzel, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, and Snow White.

Princess Chapstick Kit

Credit: Amazon

The eight lip balm flavors are just as exciting as the princesses themselves. This lip balm kit includes the following flavors — Magical Glow Berry, Spun Sugar Shine, Tea Party Treats, Fresh Kiwi Pie, Calypso Berry, Vanilla Sparkle, Berry Magic, and Cherry Kiss.

You can snag this Disney Princess Lip Balm set on Amazon for $11.49.

Christmas will be here before you know it, but sites like Target and Amazon both have very quick shipping, so you can get these amazing items shipped straight to your house with days to spare! We will definitely be clicking “Add to Cart” on these great Disney stocking stuffers.

Which stocking stuffer is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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