Our Big Thank You to Walt Disney World

Castle at Magic Kingdom
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We all know that even though Walt Disney World is magical, it isn’t perfect. Some decisions are made at Walt Disney World and within the Disney Company that we question. As many of us celebrate Thanksgiving, we thought we would pause and look at all we are thankful for when it comes to Walt Disney World.

Even though we don’t always agree with or like what is happening in the parks, there is still a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Walt Disney World.

Disney After Hours Events return in January

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Always Something New

One of the big reasons we are thankful for Walt Disney World is because there is always something new to experience.

No matter how often we visit, we can look forward to something new. From new rides, shows, and attractions to new food, drinks, and decorations, Walt Disney World always brings in something new for guests. For that, we are incredibly grateful. We love that new magic awaits us each trip.

Disney Skyliner

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Free Transportation

This might not seem like a big deal, but we are extremely grateful that Walt Disney World offers free transportation to guests throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Not having to worry about driving during a vacation is truly magical. We love taking Disney transportation to and from the Disney Parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts.

Not only do we love the convenience of the transportation, but we also love how some of it is like another fun attraction. Riding the monorail and skyliner is a unique experience that shows Disney’s innovative ways. We also love the relaxing boat rides throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Thanks, Disney, for providing transportation, as it makes our vacations easier.

family Disney world

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Something For Everyone

When Walt Disney dreamed about Disneyland, he wanted a place where kids and parents could enjoy together. We are so thankful that his dream came true at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

We are so grateful that Walt Disney World has something grandparents and babies can enjoy together. This brings families together magically, which we are so thankful for. We love that families can laugh, cry, scream, and enjoy the magic together.

Walt Disney World not only has rides such as it’s a small world that everyone can ride together, but also thrill rides such as TRON: Lightcycle Run for thrill seekers. It allows everyone to experience the magic together.

Exterior of Peter Pan's Flight

Credit: Disney

Bringing Stories to Us

What we love about Walt Disney World is how it brings the stories we love to life right before our eyes. From classic Disney movies such as Peter Pan to new, popular movies like Frozen and the Star Wars franchise, Disney continues to do an outstanding job of making us feel part of these beautiful stories.

We love that we can soar with Tink and Peter Pan and find the First Order while becoming a toy with Buzz and Woody. Disney indeed does a fantastic job bringing Guests into these stories throughout the Theme Parks; for that, we are so thankful.

Disney World Cast Members

Credit: Disney

Disney Cast Members

Finally and most importantly, we are thankful for the outstanding Disney Cast Members.  These fantastic people are what make the magic possible for all of us.

From the Cast Members who greet us at the Disney Resorts to those who run the rides in Disney Park, each works hard daily to ensure we are safe and having a magical time.

We know that being a Cast Member isn’t always magical. We are thankful they take the time to create magical moments for us during our Disney vacations.

Those are just a few things we are thankful for regarding Walt Disney World.  By no means is it perfect, but overall, we are very grateful for the magic Walt Disney World brings to guests each day.

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