On What Disney Attraction Can You Hear…?

Soarin Around the World
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to some iconic and beloved attractions throughout the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom that Guests have to visit on every single Disney vacation. These attractions are filled with memorable moments including some unforgettable scripts and dialogue that sometimes become iconic themselves. Let’s put your Walt Disney World knowledge to the test and see if you can figure out which attraction each of these quotes is from!

  1. “And, uh…fly!”
  2. “And of course…these little beauties.”
  3. “I wonder whatever happened to Rosita.”
  4. “Wait a minute, wait a minute! I love that idea!”
  5. “Don’t tell him Carlos, don’t be chicken!”
  6. “I almost bounced right outta the ride!”
  7. “Besides, it’s not going to rain today, my lumbago isn’t acting up.”
  8. “Mama don’t whoop little Buford.”
  9. “So keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you might see!”
  10. “These plants are definitely on their way up!”
  11. “Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you all prematurely.”
  12. “Thank the Phoenicians!”
  13. “A warm welcome back to those of you who made it.”
  14. “They’re not gonna make it!”
  15. “Debbie was sick so the union sent me.”

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  1. “And, uh…fly!”

This iconic line is uttered by Dr. Stephens, the scientist who leads the first preshow experience on Avatar Flight of Passage in Pandora – the World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Dr. Stephens explains how Guests will be linking to an Avatar in Pandora and has become well known amongst Guests for his frequent use of the word “uh.”

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  1. “And of course…these little beauties.”

Soarin’ Around the World is one of the most beloved attractions in EPCOT and before boarding and enjoying an international hang gliding adventure, Guests watch a preshow hosted by Chief Flight Attendant Patrick. Patrick goes through general safety instructions and asks Guests to stow everything including their Mickey Ears below the seats.

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Enchanted Tiki Room

Credit: Disney

  1. “I wonder whatever happened to Rosita.”

This quote is from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland and is spoken by Jose, one of the four parrots who hosts the experience. It has become a beloved line over the years as it references back to an earlier version of the attraction that featured a bird named Rosita, and she can still be remembered today with this subtle line!

Rock n Roller Coaster

Credit: Disney

  1. “Wait a minute, wait a minute! I love that idea!”

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the fastest attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort and begins with Guests enjoying a tour of G Force Records where they run into Aerosmith is one of the recording studios. The band’s manager sarcastically asks if she should send all of the Guests across town for a VIP concert experience and Steven Tyler responds with this memorable line.

Credit: Disney

  1. “Don’t tell him Carlos, don’t be chicken!”

Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland is home to dozens of animatronics resulting in some unforgettable scenes of swashbuckling pirates causing all sorts of havoc throughout a seaside town. In one such scene, the pirates have a man named Carlos tied up and are dunking him into the town well to try to get him to talk, and his wife can be found leaning out a window above telling him to be brave and not chicken!

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Credit: Disney

  1. “I almost bounced right outta the ride!”

The Many Adventures by Winnie the Pooh in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom brings Guests into the Hundred Acre Woods to immerse themselves in the story of a blustery day. Throughout the attraction, Guests get to see many beloved characters and also bounce around with Tigger who gets so excited that he yells out this iconic line.

Carousel of Progress

Credit: Disney

  1. “Besides, it’s not going to rain today, my lumbago isn’t acting up.”

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress has been entertaining Guests ever since its debut at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and Guests can enjoy an innovative rotating theater and scenes that showcase a family moving through the century as well as the favorite Sherman Brothers song “There a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.” In the first full scene, Guests are introduced to the family including the father John who says this line when his wife Sarah says that she has to get the wash off the line.

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Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney

  1. “Mama don’t whoop little Buford.”

A little high-class humor is sprinkled into the Country Jamboree in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom throughout a presentation that showcases many different musical acts crooning some country hits. Henry is the emcee of the show and one of his musical numbers cheekily tells the story of how instead of whopping little Buford, he thinks the mom should shoot him instead.

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Ride vehicle on Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Credit: Disney

  1. “So keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you might see!”

One of the best ways to relax a little in the Magic Kingdom is by taking a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover which whisks Guests through the skies of Tomorrowland and offers glimpses into several nearby attractions including Space Mountain. Right after leaving the station, the narrator of the experience explains to Guests that Tomorrowland is always bustling with interesting characters, so they never know who they might be able to spot down below. There is also a great reference to Mr. Tom Morrow later on during the attraction that Guests should also listen for!

Greenhouse on Living with the Land

Credit: Disney

  1. “These plants are definitely on their way up!”

Living with the Land is a soothing boat ride that can be found on the lower level of The Landing Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Nature. The attraction teaches Guests about different environments throughout the world before showcasing innovative growing technologies including plants that are growing vertically to help production.

Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

  1. “Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you all prematurely.”

One of the most iconic narrators at the Walt Disney World Resort is the Ghost Host who can be heard on the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. Guests first meet the Ghost Host in the stretching room where he begins the creeps and eerie sights before saying this line to apologize to Guests.

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Credit: Disney

  1. “Thank the Phoenicians!”

This is, hands down, one of the most recognizable quotes from any attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort and it is uttered by Dame Judi Dench who narrates Spaceship Earth in EPCOT’s World Celebration. Guests learn all about the history and future of communication including how the Phoenicians created a common alphabet, and Dench encourages them to say thank you with this iconic line!

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Credit: Disney

  1. “A warm welcome back to those of you who made it.”

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror on Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios invites Guests to star in their very own episode of the television series complete with an introduction and narration from Rod Serling thanks to vintage footage with the addition of several lines by a voice actor. Just before disembarking the service elevator, Guests can hear Serling say this line hinting at just how lucky they are to have escaped The Twilight Zone!

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Credit: Disney

  1. “They’re not gonna make it!”

Dr. Seeker is one of the most beloved characters from an attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort and can be found at Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He famously sends Guests back in time dangerously close to the massive asteroid impact that killed most life forms on Earth to bring back one particular dinosaur. Just as the asteroid comes in for impact, Dr. Seeker attempts to bring Guests back to the present day and can be heard yelling out this line.

Credit: Disney

  1. “Debbie was sick so the union sent me.”

The Muppets are well known for their unique sense of zany humor, and Guests absolutely love to enjoy Muppet Vision 3D found in the Grand Avenue area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The attraction features tons of hilarious jokes and moments including this iconic line from the preshow when a trio of singers is supposed to serenade with a song, but Debbie famously called out sick and is replaced with Max.

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