Disney Announces ‘Moana 2’; Reveals Trailer and 2024 Release Date

An animated scene reminiscent of Moana 2 features characters on a sailing canoe interacting with a majestic, glowing whale shark under a starry night sky. The whale shark is luminescent with intricate blue patterns, and the characters appear adventurous as they navigate the ocean.
Credit: Disney

Fans of the highly adored film Moana will be thrilled to know that a sequel is coming this year!

In a shocking announcement during today’s Quarterly earnings call, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced that a Moana sequel is coming much sooner than expected. The exciting news has just arrived that the highly anticipated Moana Disney+ series will now transform into a magnificent theatrical film, set to hit the big screens later this year.

Dwayne Johnson Moana role breaks Disney tradition

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‘Moana 2’ Announced

This incredible development comes as a delightful surprise to fans, as the previously announced Disney+ series will now take on a larger-than-life form, captivating audiences in cinema halls across the globe. In an announcement that has made waves throughout the entertainment industry, Bob Iger shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re turning what was a Moana TV series into a Moana feature – a theatrical release.”

This decision to reimagine the Moana Disney+ series as a theatrical film speaks volumes about the immense potential and captivating storyline that this beloved animated adventure holds. By embracing the grandeur of the big screen, Disney is providing an even greater platform to showcase the breathtaking visuals, heartfelt narrative, and enchanting characters that Moana has become synonymous with.

As fans eagerly await the release of this extraordinary film, one can’t help but imagine the immersive experience that awaits them in theaters. Thankfully, fans did get a sneak peek thanks to a teaser trailer that was revealed for the film that will be released this November!

A First Look at ‘Moana 2’

The Moana theatrical film venture is set to be a remarkable addition to the storied lineup of Disney animated classics. Building upon the success and adoration garnered by the original Moana film, this adaptation will continue to celebrate the empowering message of self-discovery, resilience, and embracing one’s true calling.

As the release date draws closer, fans can look forward to being transported back to the enchanting world of Moana, where they will once again be swept away by the awe-inspiring adventures of the courageous and determined young heroine, Moana, and her companions. With breathtaking visuals, unforgettable music, and a heartfelt narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages, the Moana film promises to be a cinematic experience that will leave a lasting impact and rekindle the spirit of adventure within us all.

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