NEW: Figment Sponge Cake Coming to EPCOT For a VERY Limited Time!

Figment Sponge Cake
Credit: Disney

Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, what a loveable fellow! From head to tail, he’s royal purple pigment, and then voila! YOU’VE GOT A FIGMENT…sponge cake?!

A delicious Figment at that! Check out how absolutely adorable EPCOT’s newest culinary delight is a treat for all of the senses! This little bite is a Figment shaped sponge cake with honey lime mousse! The unique flavor combination will complement each other perfectly and be a treat you’ll never forget! 

It’s no secret that we are HUGE Figment fans here at Disney Dining, so this treat has us absolutely delighted. We especially appreciate the throwback to the original iteration of the classic attraction (which we so wish would return). The rainbow coloring harkens back to the rainbow tunnel upstairs at ImageWorks. 


Credit: Disney

Beginning September 29, 2022, you can try it for yourself at Sunshine Seasons on The Land Pavilion.  You’ll want to hurry, though. This exclusive treat is only available for FIVE DAYS! You read that right-you’ve got less than a week to get your hands on this delicious snack. It goes away on October 3, 2022. 

The new treat is part of an incredible lineup of snacks and beverages celebrating the 40th anniversary of EPCOT! All of the goodies look fantastic, but the Figment Sponge Cake is sure to be the standout. Figment remains one of the most popular characters at Walt Disney World, and merch dedicated to the lovable dragon has been known to attract crazy long lines (looking at you, Figment Popcorn Bucket)! 

At D23 earlier this month, Figment got his fair share of love. In fact, Josh D’Amaro announced that the precocious (and sometimes mischievous) dragon would be getting his very own meet and greet soon! We hope they’ll bring back this Figment sponge cake to celebrate that. How cool would it be just to have an entire Figment-themed day at Epcot? I’d finally have an excuse to break out my (admittedly not so great) Figment Disneybound again! 

Figment sponge cake

Credit: Jill Bivins

Keep an eye out right here for more special treats, events, and merchandise as we join in the celebration of all things EPCOT for its 40th anniversary on October 1, 2022! 

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