New Evidence Suggests Disney Allegedly Uses Bots to Manipulate Shows

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A social media user recently spent months compiling evidence to show that the Walt Disney Company has allegedly been using bots to manipulate the promotion of their shows.

Disney has had a rough few years. This is common knowledge. Particularly in the case of its streaming platform and related performance, it’s no secret that Disney is working overtime to make the service profitable rather than live on as a money and resource sink.

But, if new evidence is to be believed, it seems Disney went to some extremes to ensure this.

Disney Plus goosebumps

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Recently, MasteroftheTDS on X, formerly Twitter, shared a thread explaining that “Disney, or someone involved with them, potentially using paid blue check bots or coordinated groups to promote their shows and movies.”

In it, MasteroftheTDS shared the example of multiple Disney+ shows, from Doctor Who to Marvel Studios’ Echo and from Fantastic Four to Goosebumps, sharing screenshots of multiple comments from accounts that are ostensibly bots.

One of the notable differences between the bots being used to promote Disney’s shows right now and the ones that audiences are already familiar with is that these bots seem to be costing Disney money.

The implication is also certainly interesting, considering Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments that the company spends a lot of money on marketing when it comes to Disney+. One can’t help but wonder if this money is going towards paying for bots to promote their TV shows, as MasteroftheTDS explains.

The user also created a video on their YouTube account, Gothic Therapy, where they dive deep into this theory and explain the thought process more.


One fan noted in the comments of the YouTube video, “HBO already admitted to doing this so why would anyone not believe Disney is doing the same thing?”

Another noted about the bots’ language on X, formerly Twitter, “Looks like they’re using AI to make the comments slightly different. A technical advance from identical-comment bot swarms.”

Some even called out the fact that Disney’s content hasn’t been resonating with audiences for a while. They wrote, “Aside from the obvious mistakes and repeated mantra, we all knew this before it was reported. Literally no one is actually excited about anything from Disney. No one.” 

Ultimately, it’s entirely possible that Disney did, in fact, employ this marketing strategy, but it’s important to note of course, that these reports are presently unconfirmed by Disney, and it’s likely to remain that way.

What do you think of this theory? Does the evidence add up in your mind? Let Disney Dining know in the comments! 

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