‘Encanto’ to Receive New WDW Stage Show This Summer

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Fans all around the world have passionately embraced the enchanting world of Encanto, expressing their deep admiration for the beloved film. Eagerly awaiting the possibility of experiencing the magic of Encanto in a live stage production, audiences have longed for a chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant narrative and captivating music of the Madrigal family. Soon, that dream will come true!

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A Sing-a-Long Spectacular!

The anticipation and excitement among fans are building for the Encanto stage show at Disney Parks have just revealed. Fueled by the film’s universal appeal and heartwarming storytelling, this show is set to dazzle Walt Disney World audiences this summer and fall. The idea of bringing the colorful characters and heartfelt story of Encanto from the big screen to the stage has captivated the imaginations of fans who are eagerly anticipating the chance to sing along to their favorite songs in a magical live concert experience.

‘¡Celebración Encanto!’, a vibrant and captivating Encanto sing-along extravaganza, is set to dazzle audiences as it makes its grand debut at EPCOT on June 10, taking center stage at the newly unveiled CommuniCore Plaza. This enchanting show promises to immerse visitors in the magical world of Encanto through a series of engaging musical performances, inviting guests of all ages to join in on the fun.

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Credit: Disney

New Land, New Show

The announcement of this show came in tandem with the opening date reveal of CommuniCore Plaza. The show will perform at the brand-new CommuniCore Plaza stage. These two announcements make it clear that this summer is going to be a very exciting one for Walt Disney World Resort and EPCOT in particular.

Running multiple times daily, from June 10 to September 6, this immersive limited-time experience is a must-see for those looking to be whisked away by the irresistible charm and allure of Disney’s storytelling prowess. As the melody fills the air and the characters of Encanto come to life on stage, guests will undoubtedly find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of harmonious delight, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of EPCOT’s dynamic CommuniCore Plaza.

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