New “Disney World for Dogs” Sets Opening for Summer 2024

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For many, dogs are more than just pets; they are an integral component of the family. When you love something so much, it can be devastating to shelve the away and not include it in some of your vacations and experiences. While Disney does allow a guest’s service animal into the parks, they have to bar pets due to safety regulations for Disney Resort guests and animals.

At Walt Disney World Resort, guests can bring their Disney dogs to stay at four Resort accommodations. These would be Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- Riverside, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort. Disney also offers a variety of green spaces and walkways that dogs at Disney can explore, as well as a free Pluto Welcome Kit.

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While these accommodations are exceptional, some fans still wish there was a place that catered to dogs in the same way the Walt Disney World Resort caters to humans. Now, that dream is just months away from materializing.

Introducing Doggy Disney World

Skiptown, which is being dubbed as a “Disney World for dogs,” is set to make its grand debut in Denver this upcoming summer. This innovative concept brings the magic of a theme park to our furry friends, promising a unique and joyful experience for dogs and their owners alike.

With a plethora of exciting attractions and amenities tailored specifically for dogs, Skiptown aims to create a special place where dogs can romp, play, and socialize in a safe and engaging environment.

This massive park, which is off-leash, will provide your pet with everything it could possibly want. From doggy boarding, daycare, and park access to coffee and bar offerings for their owners, this place is truly a theme park for dogs. Like Disney, park access can be managed through the Skiptown app. Membership costs between $40-$300 per month, depending on perks.


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One of the most striking similarities between this park and Disney is the presence of “Skippers,” also known as the trained canine behavior specialists that will monitor the parks daily. Disney also has Skippers of their own who work as tour guides of the Jungle Cruise attractions.

Could Disney Expand Their Offerings?

If Skiptown becomes a huge success when it opens this August, perhaps it will influence Disney to open up a dog-friendly theme park offering of its own. With the love people have for their furry best friends, we could easily see a Dog Disney park being a huge success.


Credit: Skiptown

As Denver welcomes this new canine-centric destination, both locals and visitors can look forward to a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the bond between humans and their beloved pets. Get ready to witness tails wagging and furry friends having the time of their lives at Skiptown, the ultimate paradise for our four-legged companions.

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