10-Year-Old Rescues 4,000 dogs, gets his own show on Disney Channel

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Sometimes the good people do in secret never gets the praise and recognition it well deserves, but that’s not the case for a 10-year-old boy who loves to rescue animals, as his good works have landed him a new show on Disney XD.

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Roman McConn is a 10-year-old boy from Evans, Georgia, who says he has spent much of his young life rescuing animals in need. He began when he was only four years old, and his reputation precedes him. He was featured in The Washington Post earlier this month, and his story is truly one of a selfless hero.

“I just love working with dogs,” said the sixth-grader from Georgia who lives with his parents, his four dogs and various fostered animals. “I want to give them a second chance.”

7 Year-Old Boy Has Saved Over 1,000 Shelter Dogs Through Viral Videos | The  Dog People by Rover.com

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Roman’s story began when he was living in Texas. He began rescuing animals from local shelters, but when he realized there was no way for him to bring home all the animals that needed to be rescued, he began creating videos about the animals at the shelter. Then his mom shared his videos on social media in an effort to make more people aware of the many animals’ needs for forever homes.

Roman decided to make it his personal mission to find a home for every single shelter animal, especially those who were facing the threat of euthanasia.

The young dog lover was featured on an episode of The Ellen Show. What’s more, he was offered a show on Disney’s XD Channel, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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To date, Roman has rescued more than 4,000 dogs through a nonprofit organization founded by Roman and his mom, called “Project Freedom Ride.” The organization transports canines from the Lone Star State to states in the north, where adoption rates from shelters are statistically higher.

Roman To The Rescue” Coming Soon To Disney XD & Hulu – What's On Disney Plus

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Since its inception in 2016, Project Freedom Ride has made possible the rescue of 4,200 dogs.

Seventeen of those dogs appear in Roman’s new show on Disney XD, called Roman to the Rescue. At the time of this publication, seven of the show’s 17 episodes has been released. In each episode of Roman to the Rescue, the young hero and his team of rescuers focus on one dog and work to learn as much as they can about the animal’s personality, enabling them to show the canine friend in his or her best light, with the ultimate goal of seeing each of the seventeen dogs adopted by a loving family.

You can watch Roman to the Rescue on Disney XD on DisneyNOW.

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