New Disney Area Unveiled to Fans for the First Time

San fransokyo revealed
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Big things are happening at Disney!

Right now, construction is underway for a new area coming to a Disney Park very soon. This summer, Disneyland Resort will be introducing San Fransokyo Square, an exciting new area themed after the fictional location of the film Big Hero 6. Beginning mid-August, Guests will be able to step into an area that celebrates the tri-cultural influences of this fictional land. This immersive neighborhood, conceptualized by Walt Disney Imagineering, brings together iconic elements of Toyko and San Francisco and creates something new yet familiar.

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Credit: Disney

‘Big Hero 6’ Finally Getting Its Flowers

Fans of the Disney animated movie Big Hero 6 will recognize San Fransokyo as the futuristic metropolis where Hiro lives. In the film, San Fransokyo is an alternative version of what San Fransisco became after the 1906 earthquake. The new area will overtake the existing Pacific Wharf, an area that resembles the Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco and the seaside canneries of Cannery Row in Monterey. For years Guests have been wondering if Disney would do anything to revive this area, and fans are thrilled that a Big Hero 6 retheme is the solution.

San Fransokyo

Credit: Disney

The new area will feature the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, Hamada Bot Shop, the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, and eateries like Aunt Cass Cafe and Rita’s Turbine Blenders. While the land will not be fully completed until the middle of August, Guests will be able to experience many of these locations starting in July.

A First Glimpse of ‘San Fransokyo’

Disney Imagineers are hard at work preparing the new land for its debut this summer. However, progress is coming along very well, and Guests are able to see some elements unfold. Guests visiting Disney California Adventure today were given an up-close look at the land now that scaffolding is being taken down.

This new area really seems like it is going to be amazing. Guests will be able to experience it all when it begins welcoming visitors this summer.

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