Concern Grows as Disney Becomes Major Target for Pirates

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Things are not looking good for the Disney+ streaming platform…

This year has been a tumultuous one for The Walt Disney Company and their Disney+ streaming platform in particular. After numerous box-office flops for Disney’s theatrical releases, the company more than ever turned to the streaming service to keep Disney movies and films successful. Unfortunately, Disney+ was busy facing its own problems with plummeting subscriber numbers and mediocre ratings on major platform releases.

Now, as many streaming services are looking back at the year 2023, an interesting data report suggests a major reason why Disney+ has suffered this past year: video pirates.

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Disney Becomes Target for Illegal Streaming Activity

According to recently released data, it has come to light that the detrimental impact of video pirating is increasingly taking a toll on Disney+ as well as other streaming competitors. This disheartening revelation sheds light on the adverse effects of unauthorized distribution of Disney’s valuable content, not only in terms of diminishing their subscriber numbers but also negatively impacting their overall revenue. This development serves as a wake-up call to the entertainment industry and emphasizes the urgent need to combat piracy in order to safeguard the financial well-being of streaming platforms like Disney+.

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In this digital age, where advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to obtain and share digital content, video pirating has emerged as a grave concern. Disney+ has undoubtedly revolutionized the streaming landscape by offering a vast array of beloved content, from timeless classics to recent releases, tailored to entertain individuals of all ages. However, the prevalence of video pirating poses a direct threat to the sustainability and continued success of Disney’s streaming platform.

Disney Ranks High for Most Pirated Shows

According to data from BitTorrent, Disney+ had two out of the three most pirated television shows of 2023. The shows in question were The Mandalorian at #2 and Loki at #3. HBO was the #1 spot for their show The Last of Us. 

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As we enter 2024, it will be fascinating to see what platforms like Disney+ due to combat this growing problem.

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