Minnie Mouse Gets a Makeover!

Credit: Disney

Everyone’s favorite Disney fashionista has received an excited new makeover. Since her debut in 1928, Minnie Mouse has become a fan favorite because of her adorable personality and iconic outfits. As the years have gone by, Minnie Mouse has given audiences some iconic different looks throughout the year. Now, she is getting a big shakeup with a whole new look. Today, on March 28, the Walt Disney Company revealed a whole new look for Minnie!

The Most Fashionable Mouse of All Time

There is no doubt about it, Minnie is one fashionable mouse. Over the years she has become known for her trademark looks like her white gloves and red and white polka dots dress. Fans of Minnie Mouse look forward to seeing what outfits she will be wearing next. In the Parks, Minnie Mouse has a plethora of different outfits that she wears to complement to the occasion. She and Mickey Mouse have some adorable matching looks.

Some of the best outfits Minnie wears are her outfits on the Disney Cruise ships. When Minnie travels to different locations, she makes sure to pack some adorable and weather-appropriate looks. Whether it be her cold weather parka, her scuba look, or her Captain Minnie look, she has so many great options to wear at sea.

Earlier today, Disney announced a brand new look for Minnie. This will be a new look created specifically for the Disney Treasure cruise ship. To announce the reveal, Disney’s social media crafted an adorable video showing Minnie Mouse getting ready and picking her new look.

After looking through her many options, Minnie Mouse finally finds the perfect look for her new adventures aboard the Disney Treasure. Fans were quick to sound off in the comments about how adorable Minnie Mouse looks in her new uniform. One comment reads, “WHATTT MINNIE HAS A NEW OUTFIT FOR THE DISNEY TREASURE?!?!”

Minnie Mouse will be able to sport her new look as her next adventure unfolds. Disney Parks made sure to let us know that this story will be getting a part two.

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