Marvel’s Cash Cow Steals Actors And ‘Pisses Off’ Lesser Filmmakers

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Variety recently reported on acting sensation Florence Pugh, known and loved by both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans of independent films. Florence Pugh gained recognition from various independent films such as Midsommar (2019) and Lady Macbeth (2016) before joining Marvel.

She now is a fan favorite as Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s younger sister, who first appeared in Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow (2021) solo film. Pugh’s Belova has also made appearances in Disney Plus’ Hawkeye series and is expected to return in Marvel’s 2024 Thunderbolts.

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Marvel Studios

Apparently, her jump to the box office juggernaut alienated people in the independent film community. Pugh told Time Magazine that joining the MCU “pissed off” a lot of independent filmmakers who complained that she’d “be gone forever.”

Read her full quote below:

I’m working as hard as I used to work. I’ve always done back-to-back movies. It’s just people are watching them now. You just have to be a bit more organized with your schedule. It always kind of wound me up, because I think there’s beauty in all types of those films. There’s beauty in the massive, epic storylines like Dune, like Marvel, like even Oppenheimer that I did. They’re amazing, mega movies. And then there’s also beauty in all these little ones that not everyone is going to see, but are going to affect the right person at the right time. I’ve never, ever only thought that I was going to just do one type of movie. I’ve always known that I want to dabble in all areas.

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Is Marvel a Money Hungry Tyrant or Are Indie Filmmakers Pretentious?

In response to Variety’s tweet about Florence Pugh’s experience, the internet took hard sides.

They’re right, Marvel controls someone’s career by obligation to Long term stories in a connected universe, instead of testing your limits as an actress and changing realms and characters every film, you’re stuck with the connected universe.

I love the indie scene, but I hate snobbish attitudes like this. If a film is good, then its good regardless if its a small budget or blockbuster (Although in Black Widows case, it wasn’t)

I am with the indie people.

Rent free much???? All these people are just Jealous nobody ever sees there movies and they bomb, sorry snobs people and families like having a good time at the movies, shouldn’t u as film people know that smh

They ALL sell out to Marvel/Disney in the end.

Said Pugh, wiping fake tears away with $1K bills…

What’s your take on Marvel v. independent filmmakers? Are you taking sides, or are you a true diplomat like this Twitter user?

She’s working hard and Marvel is steady paycheque in between other roles to choose from and she’s proven she can act and continues to widen her range, I think if the script is good, she’ll do a good indie role

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