Did Aubrey Plaza Just Leak a MAJOR MARVEL Secret?!

Aubrey Plaza
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Move over Tom Holland! It seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have a new ‘spoiler leaker’ on their hands.

Millions of fans from all over the world love the Marvel movies. Over the many years, fans have grown fond of all of the twists that this exciting superhero universe provides. Many fans find joy in figuring out spoilers in these films before they are released to the public. Usually, it is a die-hard Marvel fan who leaks spoilers to audiences. However, in some cases, it is the actors who drop big news!

In the past, Spiderman actor Tom Holland has been known to leak some Marvel intel accidentally. Now, Marvel actress Aubrey Plaza has just sent the internet into a frenzy after posting what could be major news for the future of Marvel.

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“The Darkhold Diaries” Takes the Internet by Storm

Aubrey Plaza is a beloved actress who is known for her dark humor. The actress has been making waves in Hollywood for her outstanding performances in shows like Parks and Recreation and The White Lotus. Now, she is about to embark on a new adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Plaza is currently filing Agatha: Coven of Chaos, which is a series coming to Disney+. The story will be a spinoff of the series Wanda Vision. The series stars Kathryn Hahn, Isabelle Fuhrman, Emma Caulfield, Patti LuPone, and Ali Ahn.

Fans freaked out when Aubrey Plaza posted a shocking image to her story today, March 17. The image shows a title screen that says “The Darkhold Diaries.”

Could This Be a New Show?

This post has made fans wonder if this could be a new show coming to the Marvel universe. The Darkhold Diaries has not been announced by Marvel, so some fans think it could be a leaked movie or series. It also could be a name of an episode within the new Agatha: Coven of Chaos show. Fans were also quick to notice that the Marvels studio logo is in the font of Disney’s… could this mean something? Some also picked up how similar the logo looked to that of The Princess Diaries.

The Princess Diaries

Credit: Disney

Fans will have to wait and see!

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