Marvel Star Found Guilty of Heinous Assault

Marvel Star Jonathan Majors guilty of assault
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Back in March, Marvel actor Jonathan Majors was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend during what police called a “domestic dispute.” He was arrested and booked on charges of assault, strangulation, and harassment. The woman called the police and was sent to the hospital for minor bruises found on her head and neck.

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From the beginning, Majors denied any claims of assault. His lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, said that there was evidence that would be presented that would prove the actor’s innocence.

“Jonathan Majors is completely innocent and is provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows,” the actor’s criminal defense lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement on Sunday. “We are quickly gathering and presenting evidence to the District Attorney with the expectation that all charges will be dropped imminently.”

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The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star’s trial began on December 4 and, despite whatever evidence his lawyer presented to prove his innocence, the jury didn’t believe him. And, on December 18, in a New York City courtroom, Majors was found guilty of reckless assault in the third-degree and third-degree harassment.

However, Majors was found not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree.

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During the trial, the Creed III actor’s ex-girlfriend — and victim –, Grace Jabbari, testified to what happened the night of the assault. Jabbari claimed that the two were riding in a car when she saw a text come through on Majors’ phone. The text allegedly showed that Majors may have been seeing another woman. Jabbari said that she tried to grab the phone from him, but he pried her fingers off the phone and struck her in the head.

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Towards the end of the trial, damning text and voice messages were shown to the jury. They appeared to show Mr. Majors’ trying to dissuade Ms. Jabbari from going to the hospital after an incident between the two.

“I fear you have no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital,” Majors wrote. “They will ask you questions and as I don’t think you actually protect us it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie and they suspect something.”

Jabbari responded, “I will tell the doctor I bumped my head, if I go, I’m going to give it one more day, but I can’t sleep and need some stronger painkillers. That’s all. Why would I want to tell them what really happened when it’s clear I want to be with you.”

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In those same text messages, Mr. Majors also called himself a monster and threatened to kill himself.

In a voice message, Majors told Ms. Jabarri needed to be more like Coretta Scott King (the wife of Martin Luther King Jr.) or Michelle Obama in her support of him.

“I’m a great man. A great man. I am doing great things, not just for me, but for my, for my culture and the world. That is actually the position I’m in. That’s real. I’m not being a dick about it. I didn’t ask for it. I’ve worked, and that’s the situation. The woman that supports me — that I support, the work that — needs to be a great woman and make sacrifices the way that man is making for her and for them, ultimately.”

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At this time, Majors is still set to reprise his role as Kang in multiple Marvel movies — Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026) and Avengers: Secret Wars (2027). However, it is possible that, in light of the guilty verdicts, Marvel and Disney may decide to recast the role.

Majors was also set to star in the Searchlight Film, Magazine Dreams, which was going to be released on December 8, 2023. However, Disney – which is the parent company of Searchlight – removed the film from its slate. We do not know if the film will get a new release date.

Majors is set to be sentenced on February 6.

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  1. I think it’s a bunch of crap that Johnny Depp was fired before he was found INNOCENT of the charges, but not Majors? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. Fire him. Particularly since he’s been found GUILTY.

  2. His text messages gave him up for what he is.

  3. Remove him and replace him. Those texts are appalling and narcissistic and shameful. There is absolutely no place in this world for people like that, and I use the term people because he is not what a man should be.