Marvel Rises From the Dead With “Best Release in Years”

Marvel Rises From the Dead With “Best Release in Years”
Credit: Marvel

Marvel comic adaptations to films have struggled lately. Outside of a few hit series and movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to have died with Iron Man.

X-Men team from the Marvel Comic Book series

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Amidst the booty-shaking She-Hulk and flopping movie after flopping movie, according to some Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics fans, maybe, just maybe, there’s still a little bit of life left in our favorite Super heroes or mutants.

X-Men ’97 is an animated series that continues the story of the iconic X-Men team. Set to premiere on Disney+, this new series is a revival of the beloved 1990s “X-Men: The Animated Series.” Fans can expect to see familiar characters like Jean Grey, Professor X, and Mister Sinister, as well as new adventures and storylines. The show promises to capture the essence of the original series while bringing fresh perspectives to the Marvel Comics universe.

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Highlighting incredible storylines, such as the Jean Grey: Pheonix Series, X-Men ‘97 is not only holding its own with its familiar 90s-born audience, but newer fans of Marvel Studios are raving over the revived Saturday morning classic.

Playing now on Disney+, X-Men ’97 has been in the works for a while, hoping it would satiate a starving Marvel fanbase, who has been unsatisfied with Marvel programming since Avengers: End Game (2019).

X Men 97

Credit: Marvel

Introducing new fans and reintroducing 90s babies, X-Men ‘97 is THE world of mutants previously hinted towards in the MCU during an end-credit scene from Ms. Marvel (2023). Many of these favorites, including Wolverine, Gambit, and Sabertooth, are a big part of X-Men ’97.

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Last month, it was released that X-Men ‘97 had received over 4 million views within five days. Very impressive! The momentum for the animated series has yet to burn out as well. The Independent recently published an article highlighting Marvel fans’ feelings about the reboot.

“Speaking about the latest episode, one viewer said it had “sent chills down every part of my body as no TV show has in years.” Meanwhile, another said the episode was “incredible,” and many expressed their shock and sadness at the death of major character Gambit.”

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Credit: Disney/ Canva

Fans seem to be loving the brainchild of Marvel Animation Studios and head writer Beau DeMayo. So much so that Marvel has announced a few more similar series in Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man and Eyes of Wakanda, according to the Independent.

If you call yourself a Marvel fan, especially when it comes to X-Men like Jean Grey, Professor X, and Cyclops, do yourself a favor and spend your Saturday mornings watching X-Men ’97 again!

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