Marvel May Be Retiring Spider-Man, and Fans Are RELIEVED

Spider Man
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For the past 61 years, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, has been the biggest superhero in the world. This wall-crawling, humorous, and charming boy was just the hero the world needed. His success blossomed from numerous comic books, TV Series, video games, and, most significantly, a very successful film franchise. Toby Maguire. Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland all became household names after portraying Peter Parker.

Now, 21 years after the first Spider-Man movie was released, fans are feeling a little burnt out of this story. Marvel was beginning to worry that maybe the world had outgrown Spider-Man. That all changed when Miles Morales came on the scene.

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Credit: Marvel

How Miles Morales Saved ‘Spider-Man’

Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Hispanic teenager, was first introduced in 2011 as part of the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic series, which takes place in a parallel universe from the main Marvel Universe. He quickly gained popularity among readers, with many praising his relatable character and fresh perspective.

When Marvel announced that Miles Morales would be the new Spider-Man in the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the decision was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some worried that it was a gimmick to increase diversity, while others were still holding on to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. All those worries washed away when Into the Spider-Verse came out and blew fans out of the water.

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Spiderman Across the Spiderverse

Credit: Disney/Marvel

Why This Is the Right Move for Marvel

Now that the second Spider-Verse movie is also a hit, fans are feeling more confident than ever that Miles Morales is the future of Spider-Man’s legacy. He is young and relatable, and his story is unraveling in a way that diverges from the typical linear plot of Peter Parker’s movies. Fans on the internet have begun to realize that his story is the best option for the continuation of the Spider-Man legacy.


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Plus, current Peter Parker actor Tom Holland has mentioned numerous times that he intends to take a break from acting to focus on building a family with his partner, Zendaya. For now, there is a lot up in the air regarding the future of Spider-Man, but with Miles Morales on the scene, fans are feeling secure that the character is in good hands.

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