Man Vlogs Himself Being Kicked Out of Disney After He is Caught Stealing Ideas

Chrstopher Martin banned
Credit: Disney and Christopher Martin

The drama in the Disney community never seems to settle down. Yesterday, things at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort got extremely messy when a man was escorted out of the Park by Disney security and Orange County deputies. The man in question is “Disney fan” Christopher Martin, who has remained an enemy of the Walt Disney Company due to the fact that he continues to steal intellectual property from the company.

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Disney Shuts Down Martin’s Schemes

Christopher and Hannah Martin have been on Disney’s bad side for over a year. It all started when the duo created their merchandise company Sparkling Dreamers. Sparkling Dreamers sells unauthorized homemade Mickey ear headbands that are inspired by Disney characters, which Disney does not approve of. Disney has sent Christopher and Hannah numerous lawsuits over the stolen intellectual property. Christopher first announced that he was being sued on January 28, 2023, but he claims that the legal issues between Sparkling Dreamers and Disney have been happening since December 2021.

Time and time again, Christopher has reiterated that the “Bloggers, TikTokers & more are not telling the correct story.” He truly believes that he is not guilty in this situation, and he feels confident that he will come out of this conflict mostly unscathed.


Were being sued by THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY! We have remained quiet, up til now, but we want our voice to be heard! Bloggers, tiktokers & more are not telling the correct story… its time we clear the air on this all. #lawsuit #suedbydisney

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This all changed yesterday when Christopher trespassed onto Walt Disney World property. He was in magic Kingdom when security and police escorted him out of the premises. Christopher took to Facebook where he posted an 18-minute video blog of him being taken off of Disney property and “banned for life.” Disney Parks fans have criticized him for his bizarre behavior during the situation.


Monetize stolen content from Disney by makimg and selling “Disney” merchandise? FAFO – #disney #sthooch #sparklingdreamers #jail #disneytrespass #disneyland #disneyworld #copyright #copyrightinfringement #distok #distokfam #chrismartin

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Christopher Will Not Give Up

Despite the uncomfortable situation that occurred today, Christopher is not giving up. He claims that he is just a fan and will be visiting Disneyland Resort next week. He says that he was banned for “Annual Pass violations,” but it seems pretty clear as to why Disney does not want him on the property.

As of now, the Sparkling Dreamers website is still up and selling its products. His vlog of the event is also still up, and he encourages his fans to “like and share.”

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