Man Pays Stranger to Fly to Disney With Him for FREE

Man pays stranger to fly to Disney

Imagine waking up to go about your day-to-day routine only to be asked by a stranger if you would fly for FREE with him to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Flordia. That would be a dream come true, right? Well, that’s exactly what one man was offering.

Credit: Disney

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From the iconic Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park to the stunning Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom… there is plenty of magic in the air that beckons Disney fans from around the globe to visit the Sunshine State for a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort.

Well, one social media influencer knows how to make magic happen! Introducing Zachery Dereniowski (@mdmotivator). By taking in donations, Zachery’s number one goal is to “spread kindness,” which he shares on social media platforms for all to see.

Walt Disney World Resort Sign
Credit: Inside The Magic

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Zachery has been known to ask people for help in ways such as asking for $1 because he acts short on cash. When a stranger offers to help, he returns the kindness with a large sum of money or special gifts such as a new computer, for example. He commonly adds, “Be kind and love always!”

One of his most recent videos is going viral for all the right reasons. Zachery approaches random strangers and asks if he pays them $100 or $200, would they fly to Walt Disney World with him for free? While he gets turned down by some, one person takes the stranger up on his offer and has the “best day ever.”

Check out the video below of Zachery paying a man to fly Walt Disney World with him for free:

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We love everything about this! Not only had Eddy never been to a Walt Disney World theme park before, but in the clip, you can see he has a chance to enjoy Magic Kingdom experiences such as Main Street, U.S.A., Space Mountain, and a special hug from Mickey Mouse. It looks like Eddy is now a Disney fan!

Well done, @mdmotivator! Keep spreading kindness and making magic happen!

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