Children’s Show ‘Bluey’ Features LGBTQ+ Couple for the First Time

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Iconic children’s show Bluey has recently made history by introducing its first LGBTQ+ characters. This significant step forward showcases the Ludo Studio show’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, resonating positively with a wide range of viewers. Many believe the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters in children’s programming is crucial for reflecting the diverse world we live in and teaching young audiences about acceptance and understanding. Bluey’s decision to feature LGBTQ+ characters demonstrates a progressive approach to representing various identities and relationships on screen.

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Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

‘Bluey’ Introduces Lesbian Couple

In the recent Bluey extended episode “The Sign,” Bluey fans were treated to an emotionally fulfilling story that tugged out our hearts. The episode, which was the longest Bluey had ever done, broke barriers about what children’s TV programming can do and accomplish. Parents and children watched together and experienced the emotions that this episode provided.

Nestled within one of the episode’s stand-out scenes, Bluey also decided to announce that there is a gay couple within the Bluey universe. In Bluey, all types of family dynamics are represented: single parents or remarried parents, you name it, and they are included. Now, the show will also feature two gay mothers as the parents of one of Bluey’s classmates, Pretzel.

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Quick but Impactful

In a brief moment when Pretzel is discussing his guinea pig running away, he refers to his “moms.” While this moment may have been missed by many, LGBTQ+ fans were quick to celebrate this historic inclusion.


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By portraying LGBTQ+ characters in a positive light, Bluey sets a valuable example for other children’s shows to follow, fostering a more inclusive media landscape for all viewers to see themselves represented. The introduction of LGBTQ+ characters not only enriches the storyline but also helps normalize diverse identities for young audiences, paving the way for meaningful conversations about inclusion and acceptance at an early age.

What do you think about Bluey’s gay characters?

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  1. Predators gonna prey any way they can! Leave the children alone Disney!

  2. I think it’s terrible that Bluey caved to “inclusivity” and pressure from the LGBTQ+ community. They’ve ruined a wholesome show that beautifully emphasized the value of a traditional family. The second they have the lesbian (or any other kind of non-traditional) couple on the show, my kids will NEVER watch it again.

  3. So, so sad. My grandkids will not be watching it anymore!

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