Disney Daytime Spectacular Returns After Lengthy Delays

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As we previously reported, a Disney parade planned to return to the Disney Parks after a 1,081 day hiatus. Due to unforeseen weather, the Parade’s return was canceled for many performances. Finally, after days of the premier being postponed, the iconic Parade returned.

disneyland magic happens

Credit: @DL05EE on Twitter

Magic happens… eventually

The Disney Park parade in question is Magic Happens. Magic Happens is a daytime Parade at Disneyland Park. As described by Disneyland Resort, it is a “whimsical parade celebrating magical moments from legendary Disney stories!”

Magic Happens has become a favorite among Disney fans. The Parade is full of the Disney magic that Guests know and love. The rain delays definitely put a damper on the parades return, but Magic Happens has always had a rocky road when it comes to performances.

The parade originally premiered on February 28, 2020 at Disneyland Resort. When it premiered, it was the first brand new parade to hit the Park in 20 years. Magic Happens received a great reception from Guests, but unfortunately it’s opening came at an unfortunate time. Just weeks after its debut, the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Magic Happens parade was deemed unsafe, as it could not abide to social distancing/mask restrictions.

It is wonderful to see the parade getting a new life after the pandemic. The hard work that has gone into the daytime spectacular deserves to be recognized. Magic Happens features incredible musical arrangements by Todrick Hall, wonderful float and costumes, and incredibly performances by Cast Members. Characters featured in the parade include those from Coco, Frozen, and Frozen II. 

Magic Happens

Credit: @DL05EE on Twitter

It’s Not Disney Without a Parade!

After days of rain delays, Magic Happens returned to Disneyland Park. Disneyland parades are an essential part of a Guests Disney experience. The magic of Disney truly comes to life during the daytime spectaculars, and for many Guests, the parades are their favorite part of the Parks. Fans are thrilled to see the return of Magic Happens, even if it is delayed.



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