Uncertainty Surrounding ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Live-Action Film

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Live Action in Question
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) is one of the most gorgeous and beloved Disney movies of all time. The animated film has some of the best music in any franchise, and the songs are still popular 28 years after its release.

Since Disney has dove headfirst into the world of live-action movie recreations, fans have been begging for The Hunchback of Notre Dame to get its own live-action remake. But, the potential for the film has been a mystery since it was first confirmed in 2019.

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Credit: Disney

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Currently available to watch on Disney+, the animated film, The Huncback of Notre Dame, is described with:

“At the urging of his gargoyle pals, Quasimodo leaves the solitary safety of his Notre Dame tower and ventures out to find his first true friend, the gypsy beauty Esmeralda, who entrusts him with a secret. When the secret is discovered, Quasi fights to save the people and the city he loves. They, in turn, begin to see people for who they are, rather than how they appear.”

While recent live-action films such as The Little Mermaid (2023) have seen some success, many believe Disney is overkilling the use of its classic films. For example, the controversial live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) has been met with many conflicts, including the pushback in its release to 2025.

Hunchback news

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Regardless, the live-action Hunchback of Notre Dame was first confirmed in 2019 when Deadline dropped exclusive details from Disney:

“Tony-winning M. Butterfly playwright David Henry Hwang has been set by Disney to write Hunchback, a live-action musical adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel. Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz will write the music. Mandeville is producing along with Josh Gad. I had heard that Gad, a star of the Mandeville-produced blockbuster Beauty and the Beast, might play the lead character, but insiders at the studio said no casting is solid at this point.”

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Credit: Disney

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Fake Live-Action Poster Makes Waves

Then, in March 2023, a poster was released for a live-action The Hunchback of Notre Dame remake, and fans were overjoyed.

A star-studded cast was announced on the poster, including actors like Chris Evans, Pete Capaldi, Imelda Staunton, Kelsey Grammer, Jack Black, and Sacha Baron Cohen. The show also revealed that Josh Gad and Gal Gadot would star in the leading roles of Quasimodo and Esmeralda.

Additionally, the posted had the year “2025” included.

Hunchback poster

Credit: Josh Gad

Shortly after the poster went viral, Josh Gad shared it on social media. This made fans even more excited about the movie. He shared:

Wow. This spread quickly. Lol. Okay, for the record, this is not real. This is a Fancast! I was just responding to it. Love that you guys all want this. We do to! The script is one of the best I have read and hopefully the powers that be will see this love and let us make the live action adaptation the original animated film deserves. But for now, again, this is just a fan cast!!”

But, Bob Iger Says No?

Fast-forward to August 2023. In efforts to get The Walt Disney Company back on its feet, it was rumored that Disney CEO Bob Iger scrapped the Hunchback of Notre Dam live-action remake. According to the report, Bob Iger’s personal distaste for the film is a major reason why the project is being abandoned.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Credit: Disney

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Unfortunately, now as we make our way through 2024, we have yet to hear confirmation on whether the live-action adaptation of the film will take flight. We know the script is written, but whether or not the film will come to fruition is now a mystery with mixed reports.

Would you like to see this Disney film in a live-action remake? Or are you happy to leave the animated film as is? Let us know in the comments! 

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